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Camelina Oil for Sustainable Salmon Aquafeed

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - CORE (Camelina Oil for Sustainable Salmon Aquafeed)

Reporting period: 2015-05-01 to 2015-10-31

Aquaculture supplies nearly half of the world’s seafood supply, which requires a steady and sustainable supply of feed ingredients. Fish oil -a critical lipid source in feeds for aquaculture- is highly dependent on wild fisheries. Availability, sustainability and cost are concerns for future use of fish oil in aquaculture.
As salmonid feed consumes just over half of global fish oil, the challenge facing the salmon aquafeed industry is to introduce innovative oil sources, economically viable and resource-efficient alternatives to traditional fish oil, with positive impacts on human health, while minimizing impacts on the environment and biodiversity.
Camelina Company España (CCE) objective is to perform a feasibility study to evaluate the new business opportunity of introducing camelina oil as an innovative key ingredient in the new oil blend that salmon aquafeed producers are currently developing to increase the technical and environmental performance of salmon fish feed.
The activities performed during the feasibility study, including a salmon growth trial, indicate that camelina oil is a viable alternative for salmon aquafeed producers in new, more sustainable diets.
Additionally, the screening trial performed by CCE during 2015 with 250 varieties indicates there are suitable camelina varieties with improved characteristics for the salmon aquafeed industry.
Although other alternatives can become available in the future for the replacement of fish oil in salmon aquafeed, the cost-benefit analysis indicates that camelina oil is the solution with less competing uses and best in terms of availability, regulation, cost and sustainability.
The results obtained will allow CCE accelerating the commercialization of camelina oil into the salmon aquafeed industry and increase the competitiveness of European related industry while making key contributions to a sustainable economy.
CCE germplasm collection
Camelina field trials