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A new generation car seat for babies

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SAFESEAT (A new generation car seat for babies)

Período documentado: 2015-05-01 hasta 2015-10-31

Mobius Protection Systems is an Israeli SME focused on designing and manufacturing Energy Absorbing (EA) solutions. Mobius intends to utilize this technology by developing an innovative Child Restraint Systems (CRS) that will set a new standard in safety, comfort and price.
Child car seats exist since 1933. CRS were only invented in 1962 but the basic concept has not changed since 1980. 700 children are killed yearly on European roads and 80,000 are injured. It represents an unacceptably high burden on Europe’s society and economy.
The feasibility study performed during Phase 1 of the SAFESEAT project focused on the following topics:
1. Technological feasibility - demonstrating the solution is feasible and superior to existing products.
2. Economic analysis - conducting cost analysis to estimate production cost and final price for the customer.
3. Marketing and commercialization- establishing a solid understanding of the market through meeting with retailers and manufacturers and a comprehensive market survey proving the need.
4. Intellectual property - Mobius filed 4 patent applications and holds exclusive rights for patents concerning manufacturing of carbon fibres structures.
Mobius has studied customer requirements, identified gaps with existing products and developed new solutions in 3 different areas:
• Energy absorption: based on a SPIRAL device which absorbs most of the kinetic energy and dramatically reduces the acceleration transferred to the infant
• Parent awareness: development of an advanced communication system which indicates correct installation and prevents 'forgotten baby syndrome'
• Advanced structure and design: ultra-strong structure, based on carbon fiber for improved safety and low weight
All of the parameters examined in the study clearly indicate that SAFESEAT is highly feasible and would result in a superior product providing significant benefits to society.
The feasibility study demonstrated that there is a need for a safer CRS and that Mobius’ unique development results in a product which sets new safety standards in the CRS market. Mobius has proven that it has both feasible design and production plans that will lead to a promising product with a clear commercialisation strategy. The higher protection level of the new CRS will create a progress towards meeting the goals described in the European commission's 'white paper on transport' which aims at halving road casualties by 2020 and reaching zero fatalities by 2050.
Mobius Energy Absorbing SPIRAL technology