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UV cleaning for beverage tanks eliminating the need for water and chemicals

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - UVT (UV cleaning for beverage tanks eliminating the need for water and chemicals)

Reporting period: 2015-05-01 to 2015-08-31

Efficient use of resources in the food and beverage industry is vital to solve increasing demand and pressure on supplies, especially water. BlueMorph’s innovative business project aims to significantly contribute to sustainability, resilience and reliability principles for key stakeholders, the end users and distributors. BlueMorph will initially target the wine market, however the patented technology can be applied further afield in food and drink processing. BlueMorph aims to expand the market application to other markets, particularly dairy. BlueMorph has obtained positive feedback from its validation tests and received strong interest from customers and end users. The expected outcome of the project is to start full commercialization of BlueMorph’s technology at the end of the Phase 2 as a reliable innovation validated by the relevant clients and end-users, vineyards.
BlueMorph undertook deep analysis of both the technical and business feasibility of UVT establishing early on in the Phase 1 project that the current design of the device was too large for European vineyards. BlueMorph addressed this by developing a strategy to engineer a miniaturised version of the device suitable for the vineyards in Europe, working closely with the sub-contractor Baldwin UV Ltd to establish the production line. During the Feasibility Assessment BlueMorph has contacted over 20 vineyards as potential end users. The majority of the feedback was positive towards the UVT however, some contacted vineyards were wary of changing their processes. By the end of the feasibility assessment, BlueMorph had secured 2 pilot vineyards, one in Bordeaux, France and one in Lazio, Italy.
The strategy was chosen in order to ensure a cost efficient, high quality and full production control. During the PH1 project BlueMorph has defined a minimum viable product, established engineering and industrialisation plans, and as well prepared the IP strategy and 3 year financial projections.
The expected outcome of the project is to start full commercialisation of BlueMorph’s UVT technology at the end of Phase 2 as a reliable innocation validated by the relevant clients and end users. The BlueMorph solution will enable vineyards to streamline their processes through savings in water, labour and costs and the removal of chemicals from their sanitation processes. BlueMorph brings to the market, a unique technology that can be applied in a wide range of applications allowing Europe to improve the sustainability of food and drink processing, and in turn increasing profitability and growth performance of SMEs. BlueMorph’s technology will strongly contribute to the water management procedures outlined in the Water Framework Directive, considering the high value and importance of water in Europe and particularly the European agriculture industry.
UVT in use from outside tank
UVT device in use
UVT device