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European Social Survey Sustainability


Report on international social survey workshop

A 10 page note summarising the outcomes from the international social survey workshop

National context report Draft 2

Half page description for each target country

Impact reports

A 5-10 page report for each existing ESS ERIC Member country outlining the academic and non-academic impact of the ESS to date

Report on synergies between ESS and other cross-national research infrastructures

A 20 page report on synergies between ESS and other cross-national research infrastructures

ESS Prospectus for ESS ERIC membership

A 24 page print and digital booklet

Report on academic publishing workshops

A 3-5 page report from each workshop summarising its focus and outlining a plan for future collaboration / publication

State of the art report on current arrangements for the ESS ERIC funding and governance arrangements

10 page report on the current arrangements in place and the issues requiring action

Google Scholar publication report

10+ page report outlining the publications that have used ESS data and identifying trends and subgroup analysis

Impact monitoring tool - beta version available

On-line tool that will populate an ESS impact database

Additional Impact Reports

Impact reports for those countries which have previously taken part in the ESS or those who currently have Guest status outlining the academic and non-academic impact of the ESS.

Final national context report Draft 3

Half page description for each target country

Report on national committees and regional hubs

Report summarising activities of these groups and likely synergetic ESS-SUSTAIN impacts

National Context Report Draft 1

Half page description for each target country

Report on opportunities for Structural Funds in different countries

15 page report on the use of ESIF in different countries with details of the RIS3 plans in place in specific countries and opportunities for potential use by ESS ERIC participating countries

Interim report on use of structural funds by RIs (opportunities and case studies)

10 page report on current use of ESIF by Research Infrastructures

Sustainability and ESIF – beyond 2020

10 page report on future possibilities for use of ESIF in Round 10 and beyond

Findings Booklet

Pdf douments with a series of short articles describing ESS findings for a non-academic audience.

Beyond the state of the art report with recommendations for sustainable approaches to ESS ERIC governance and funding

10 page report detailing options available with recommendations in respect of governance, funding arrangements and VAT implications

Summary of presentations given to candidate countries by CST members

A set of PowerPoint files summarising key ESS information which can be reused for training purposes

Updated Bibliography

On-line bibliography updated with publications found by Google Scholar but not in the Bibliography (approximately 1500)

Profile for policy and public communities

A full profile of the ESS SUSTAIN project will be developed for the main European Social Survey website. This profile will present an overview of the project and will be tailored to the needs of the policymakers and public communities.

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