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Demonstration and optimisation of a highly innovative beverage cooling system that will deliver up to 90% energy savings


In July 2014, the European Commission proposed a targeted 30% reduction by 2030, which is ambitious and requires strong
measures to encourage improved energy efficiency. One area earmarked for major improvements is commercial
refrigeration, which is responsible for 85TW/h of energy consumption per annum and has so far been exempt from Eco
Design and Labelling regulations. This is about to change with regulators demanding a saving of 58TW/h by 2030, clearly a
major challenge. Within commercial refrigeration, beverage cooling consumes 21.2TWh/year. The European fleet of
beverage coolers consists of remote open fronted cooling cabinets and plug in beverage coolers. Open fronted display
coolers are the main sales channel for a wide range of bottled beverages. They encourage impulse purchases by making the
product easy to see and access. The trade-off for this convenience is very high energy consumption. The project partners
have developed the ground-breaking V-Tex technology which enables beverages to be cooled rapidly on demand. The
revolutionary V-Tex technology is currently being commercialized as a standalone domestic appliance for the consumer
market where its main Unique Selling Point is its rapid cooling capability and hence convenience. In contrast to convenience
on a domestic level, V-Tex technology also has the potential to enable major energy savings in commercial refrigeration. By
being able to cool drinks on demand it has the potential to replace the large majority of open fronted display coolers enabling
potential energy savings of up to 90% when compared to existing methods of chilling drinks. However, in a commercial
environment with strong demand peaks it is necessary to develop, test and demonstrate an automated solution that can
easily replace existing in-efficient open fronted coolers. The V-Tex Multi Project will focus on demonstrating a unique
solution that provides significant value to end users and Europe as a whole.

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