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WATTsUP Electric flight to future


User & maintenance documentation

Pilot Operating handbook and Maintenance Manual are the results of this phase. The first manual is written for the purpose of instructing the owner about flight characteristics as well as operation of an electric aircraft. The second manual is a guide for maintenance operators supporting customers in the after sale period of the product.

WEB page

A dedicated web page, reachable from the main site will be designed to promote this innovative product and to create the selling channel of the aircraft. Marketing events will be actively promoted on this channel.


On the website will be announced all certifications reached up to month 20. This covers the certification applicable to the electric engines as well as the certifications applicable for the aircraft. For the latter will be published the progress on selected national markets (initiated/undergoing/completed).

Fast charger

A fast charger is developed to allow fast battery recharging when the aircraft is on ground or charging a spare battery pack ready to be replaced in the aircraft when it completes the flight (principle of multiple rotating battery packs)

Replacement syst.

In this phase the construction, harnesses and battery connectors will be selected, installed on the battery packs and tested in order to allow a safe and fast interchange of battery packs.

WATTsUP serial production

First aircraft produced with the dedicated production line will be available for delivery.

Training system

An innovative aircraft requires an innovative customer oriented support. In cooperation with an external partner we will develop a new software that will satisfy two stakeholder groups: i) pilots and owners will have an online, interactive, training course; and ii) repair shops will have a dedicated section with audio visual material for training them on aircraft maintenance.

Flight school management system

In order to support the key market of flight schools, we will address their aircraft management and billing needs with an innovative online portal where they can track aircraft usage, direct operation costs, book flights and follow student progress.

Energy recuperation

Power recuperation system to prolong flight time and enable fast charging of the batteries while the airplane is descending.

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