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Networked Labs for Training in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication


NEWTON is a large scale initiative to develop, integrate and disseminate innovative technology-enhanced learning (TEL) methods and tools, to create new or inter-connect existing state-of-the art teaching labs and to build a pan-European learning network platform that supports fast dissemination of learning content to a wide audience in a ubiquitous manner. NEWTON focuses on employing novel technologies in order to increase learner quality of experience, improve learning process and increase learning outcome. The NEWTON project goals are to:
1) develop and deploy a set of new TEL mechanisms involving multi-modal and multi-sensorial media distribution.
2) develop, integrate, deploy and disseminate state of the art technology-enhanced teaching methodologies including augmented reality, gamification and self-directed learning addressed to users from secondary and vocational schools, third level and further education, including students with physical disabilities,
3) build a large platform that links all stakeholders in education, enables content reuse, supports generation of new content, increases content exchange in diverse forms, develops and disseminates new teaching scenarios, and encourages new innovative businesses.
4) perform personalisation and adaptation for content, delivery and presentation in order to increase learner quality of experience and to improve learning process, and
5) validate the platform impact and the effectiveness of the teaching scenarios in terms of user satisfaction, improvement of the learning and teaching experience, etc. and the underlying technology through an European-wide real-life pilot with 4 different scenarios.
The real-life validation will involve all major stakeholders in TEL area, from content providers, innovative idea creators, technology developers, regulators, associations, schools and teachers in a large-scale pilot covering 26 institutions (14 funded from the NEWTON project + 12 a partners) in 7 European countries.


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