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Responsive Engagement of the Elderly promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare


The health expenditure in the EU is expected to rise by 350% by 2050 compared to an economic expansion of only 180% and the provision of Long Term Care (LTC) will pose an increasing challenge to the sustainability of public finances in the EU, due to an ageing population. REACH therefore represents a solution that seeks to prevent elderly citizens from loss of function and a decline of being able to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) independently leading ultimately to entering LTC. REACH is a personalized prevention and intervention system that promotes the activity of the elderly by monitoring and evaluating their daily habits, considering both personal medical history as well as real-time gathered data from a series of wearable and embedded sensors, in order to mitigate loss of function and to arrest associated and/or consequential morbidities via a number of physical and virtual activity intervention modules. REACH is an open solution that proposes its own innovative systems while remaining compatible with existing sensing systems and technologies. This is demonstrated by REACH’s cross-compatibility and integration of Philips’ HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP). Both REACH functioanlity and additional services by stakeholders and 3rd parties via the HSDP are inserted into the target environment through compact, preconfigurable and easily deployable smart furniture :Personalised Interior Intelligent Units (PI²Us). All consortium partners join their combined knowledge and developed expertise to fully deploy REACH in a naturalistic use-case environment via Lyngby. REACH entails multiple benefits for the elderly and for care systems it contributes to a significant reduction of cost though reducing the amount of doctor’s care and LTC admissions. REACH will allow European industry including SMEs to capitalise on the European high-tech-knowhow and make Europe a market leader in prevention technologies, services and underlying health care ICT platforms.

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