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Commercialization of a full carbon wheel manufactured with an automated high-volume process for the automotive market


Regularly updated dissemination material

D5.2: Dissemination material: at least 2 press releases, project presentation, poster and flyer, newsletter and synopsis of results, prepared starting from month 3 and regularly updated. M6 (onwards)

Presentation of the project at trade fairs and conferences

D5.4: Presentation of the project at least 2 trade fairs and conferences. Reported M28

Project website; continuously updated

D5.1: Project website; the public website will be functioning by month 3, and it will continuously be updated with the public results of the project, and with information directed to the different expected audiences. M3

Industrial workshops (1)

D6.5: Industrial workshops. M12, M24

Open access publications

D5.3: Publications: at least 2 Open Access, peer-reviewed publications and 2 publications in other media e.g. trade journals. Reported at the end of the project in M28

Industrial workshops (2)

D6.9: Industrial workshops. M12, M28

HP-RTM mold for manufacturing of the wheel ready to be taken into operation

D3.2: Final design of HP-RTM mold for manufacturing of the wheel / manufactured mold ready to be taken into operation on HP-RTM equipment available at Fraunhofer ICT. M12

Process chain ready for production of prototypes

D3.3: Implemented manufacturing process chain for preforming and HP-RTM in industrial scale with integrated monitoring system for prototype production. M18

Preforming mould and manufacturing equipment ready to be taken into operation

D3.1: Final design of preforming mold and equipment technology for manufacturing of wheel preforms / manufactured mold ready to be taken into operation on the PreformCenter equipment at Fraunhofer ICT. M12

Manufactured Prototypes for homologation

D3.4: Prototypes for testing and validation of the wheel / Manufacturing process data. M18

Environmental test report for carbon wheel

D4.2 Results of environmental test report of carbon wheel prototypes. M28

Report for dynamic full life-cycle simulation

D4.3 Full life-cycle simulation report, correlated with mechanical tests. M18

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Development of full carbon wheels for sport cars with high-volume technology

Author(s): Francesco Rondina, Sara Taddia, Laura Mazzocchetti, Lorenzo Donati, Giangiacomo Minak, Philipp Rosenberg, Andrea Bedeschi, Enrico Dolcini
Published in: Composite Structures, 192, 2018, Page(s) 368-378, ISSN 0263-8223
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1016/j.compstruct.2018.02.083