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Social and Political Economics: Theory and Evidence


In this project, I will study how individual and social motives interact to drive individual decisions, a question that has fallen between the cracks of different social-science approaches. I will use a common theoretical framework to approach an important, but badly understood, general question: do social motives reinforce or weaken the effect of changes in individual motives? By modifying this common framework to different applications, I will consider its predictions empirically in different large data sets with individual-level information. The planned applications include four subprojects in the social, political, and economic spheres: (i) decisions in China on the ethnicity of children in interethnic marriages and matching into such marriages, (ii) decisions on tax evasion in the U.K. and Sweden, (iii) decisions to give political campaign contributions in the U.S. and (iv) decisions about fertility in Sweden. I may also spell out the common lessons from the results on the interaction between individual and social motives in monograph format intended for a broader audience.

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