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FUTUre RAil freight transport: cost-effective, safe, quiet and green!


Minutes of expert meetings

Meetings will be held after optimization of prototypes, after testing in laboratory and real environment.

8 meeting minutes

In the introductory meeting, the partners will negotiate and confirm the exact content and timeline of activities. Further consortium meetings will see partners report on progress, discuss further joint activities, and monitor the time plan, finances and action plan. Steering committee meetings will see representatives of all consortium partners, monitoring and confirming action activities and make decisions at strategic level.

Patent filing

This action also foresees registering the patent through which we will protect the method of attaching both parts of DRFB disc crown, the type of assembly/dismantling to/from the axle of the freight wagon, and the optimal form of projections between the plates, ensuring a high intensity of cooling.

500 leaflets, 500 brochures, 1 Roll-up, 500 USB flash drives, 500 folders, 500 pens

- 500 multilingual leaflets for the main stakeholders, conferences, fairs, actions at schools, - 500 multilingual brochures with action results (for the Final conference and sent by mail to stakeholders), - 1 Roll-up poster (banner) and gadgets (500 USB flash drives, 500 folders, 500 pens) for conferences.

4 events for a professional public and scientific releases

"3 international conferences (Kick-off conference, Interactive Professional conference and Final conference), 1 open week, organised by the action coordinator with a ""show room""."

3 press conferences, 4 press releases, 4 articles, 1 video for TV, 1 radio / TV interview

3 press conferences (within the Kick-off conference, international professional interactive conference and final conference). Publishing 2 press releases per year, 4 articles in public press (weekly/monthly newspapers). Publishing 1 video for TV and 1 radio/TV interview (aired at regional/local TVs).

2 actions at schools

2 actions (one per year) in elementary and secondary schools on the topic of RFT.

Corporate identity of the project, website and FB profile of the action

Creation of the logotype, website, Facebook profile of the action (in English).

5 articles in professional and scientific journals

4 articles in professional journals with railway topics and 1 peer-reviewed scientific article.

Joint report on prototype presentations and testing results – personal and at fairs

Preparation of the joint report with findings and results of presentations to the professional public (on the basis of 25 international personal visits per year, as well as presentation of prototypes and testing results at 7 fairs, dealing with rail transportation throughout the world).

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