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Biocompatible and biodegradable microlasers that can be injected into the human body

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Biomaterial microlasers implantable in the cornea, skin, and blood

Auteurs: Matjaž Humar, Anja Dobravec, Xiangwei Zhao, Seok Hyun Yun
Publié dans: Optica, Issue 4/9, 2017, Page(s) 1080, ISSN 2334-2536
DOI: 10.1364/OPTICA.4.001080

Remote and autonomous temperature measurement based on 3D liquid crystal microlasers

Auteurs: Gregor Pirnat, Matjaž Humar, Igor Muševič
Publié dans: Optics Express, Issue 26/18, 2018, Page(s) 22615, ISSN 1094-4087
DOI: 10.1364/oe.26.022615