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Spintronic-Photonic Integrated Circuit platform for novel Electronics


1st annual meeting

1st annual meeting (M14) will be held in conjunction with the check meeting 1

MTJ layerstack design for optical switching

Design of a layerstack, consisting of a fixed layer and a free layer, i.e., forming an MTJ, where the magnetization direction of the free layer can be switched optically (M24);

Kick off meeting

Kick-off meeting with all involved parties. (M1)

Analysis of nano-oscillator applications

Analysis of the possibilities for synchronizing current oscillations appearing in MTJ elements with the incoming optical pulse rate, i.e., optical injection locking, and exploration of the potential application of massively parallel and synchronized nano-oscillators (M36)

MTJ layerstack for optical switching @ 2 mJ/cm2

Improving the design of D1.1 to have a target optical switch energy of the free layer of 2 mJ/cm2, e.g., corresponding to an optical switch energy of 200 fJ for an MTJ element scaled to 100 nm × 100 nm (M36)

Final annual meeting

Final annual meeting (M48) will be held in conjunction with the final check meeting

Data Management Plan update 2

Final update on the Data Management Plan (M44)

Data Management plan update 1

Midterm update on the Data Management Plan (M23)

Roadmap for SPICE aligned with ITRS

Roadmap for the SPICE technology, including the identification, definition and quantification of target metrics, and aligned to the ITRS roadmap (M51)

MTJ element design for optical access

Design of an MTJ element that allows for optical illumination, e.g., having a transparent top contact, optical switching of the free layer, and electrical read-out, i.e., having the potential for electrical contacts and having a conductive layerstack (M24)

2nd Annual meeting

Second annual meeting (M25)

Plan for Quality Assurance

Plan for Quality Assurance (M6)

Quantitative analysis of memory application

Quantitative design study on the potential for using SPICE technology for memory applications, including typical memory architecture considerations, and including CMOS read circuitry (M24)

Dissemination and exploitation plan update

Dissemination and exploitation plan update (M30)

3rd Annual meeting

3rd Annual meeting (M37)

Dissemination and exploitation plan

Dissemination and exploitation plan (M12)

Spintronic-photonic system demonstrator

Realization of an 8-bit photonic-spintronic memory demonstrator, consisting of a combination of a silicon photonic chip and a spintronic chip, i.e., using hybrid integration (M51)

Silicon photonic chip for coupling testing

Realization of a silicon photonic chip with test structures for coupling from the silicon photonic chip to the spintronic chip, e.g., using vertical grating coupler structures, and having a controlled polarization of the optical pulses (M36)

Silicon photonic chip for distribution network

Realization of a silicon photonic chip containing a distribution network to switch sub-picosecond optical pulses and optimized for energy efficient operation, i.e., energy consumption per pulse that has to write a bit (M24)

Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan corresponding to the H2020 pilot action on open access to research data (M6)

Check meeting 2

Second check meeting (M32)

Final Check Meeting

Final check meeting (M51) will be held in conjunction with the final annual meeting

Check meeting 1

First check meeting (M15) wil be held in conjunction with 1st annual meeting

Circuit-level simulation tool based on Verilog

Circuit level simulation tool, based, e.g., on Verilog, using, a.o., input from physical-level simulators, experimental results, and silicon photonic PDK parameters (M36)

PhD course material

Course material for a PhD-level course on spintronic and photonic based beyond-CMOS technologies for future processors and memory, consisting of, a.o., a slide deck and a syllabus (M24)

Project website and logo

Project website SPICE-Web up and running and finalized logo design (M3)


Integration of Tb/Co multilayers within optically switchable perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions

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Towards massively parallelized all-optical magnetic recording

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THz emission from Co/Pt bilayers with varied roughness, crystal structure, and interface intermixing

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Pathways for Single-Shot All-Optical Switching of Magnetization in Ferrimagnets

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Indium Tin Oxide optical access for magnetic tunnel junctions in hybrid spintronic–photonic circuits

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QuantumATK: an integrated platform of electronic and atomic-scale modelling tools

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Out-of-Plane Focussing Polarization Control Grating Couplers for Photonic-Spintronic Integration

Author(s): Hanna Becker, Clemens J. Kruckel, Dries Van Thourhout, Martijn J. R. Heck
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Impact of optical free-carrier generation on the performance of SOI phase shifters

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Integration platform for optical switching of magnetic elements

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Compact Vertically Focusing Grating Coupler for Optical Addressing of Spintronic Memory Elements

Author(s): Becker HB, Heck M
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Simulation and experimental characterization of compact out-of-plane focusing grating couplers on 220 nm-SOI platform

Author(s): Hanna Becker, Clemens Krückel, Dries Van Thourhout, Martijn J.R. Heck
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Design optimization for energy-efficient pulse-switching networks in carrier-injection based Si-photonics

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First-Principles Quantum Transport Modeling of Spin-Transfer and Spin-Orbit Torques in Magnetic Multilayers

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