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Adding Simulation to the Corporate ENvironmenT for Additive Manufacturing


Model Interaction

"Data transfer between detailed and global model is realized and validated. (Evaluation Of sensitivity of the assumption ""combination of many layers"" in the global model)"

Demand for Material Characterization documented

Demand on additional material characterization assessed. Dependent on the used model for filigree structures and interdependencies of powder/platform/part.

Definition of the softare environment

The framework is defined. This includes the definition of open sources programmes for every simulation module as well as for all necessary interfaces.

Heat Treatment Simulation

Remaining distortions after heat treatment and separation from build platform can be calculated (incl. validation). Study on relevance of creep during build process validated.

Creep Model

Creep mechanism can be modeled. Stress relief anneal process step of manufacturing chain can be calculated. Ability to evaluate remaining residual stresses after heat treatment (annealing) potential / risk for increase or reduction of mechanical Ioad capacity.

Model Reengineering

Reengineered model successful. Measured and simulated distortions can be used for reengineering (First time right manufacturing of AM Parts)

Calculation Acceleration Methods

Possibility of calculation of multiple components on building platform and mutual influence is demonstrated. Calculation time for a reference job is in the range or lower than building time. Possibility of simulation of complex, filigree structures leading to very high FE element numbers is demonstrated.

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