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Application of a Customised CVD Environment to the Study and Simulation of Chemical Deposition


The objective of the ACCESS CVD project is to develop a flexible, user-friendly software package for the simulation of chemical vapour deposition (CVD) reactors of various designs.
A significant amount of theoretical work has added plasma modelling to the more traditional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software available. Some validation and construction of the user interface is underway, and methodologies for data collection of actual process performances have been defined. An important aspect of the work is to optimize the integration of the various models available so that users can vary the sophistication and computational costs of their studies. The selection of default models and values is being investigated to explore the sensitivities and significance of available terms, and to assist users' setup.
This package will be based on PHOENICS, a general-purpose fluid-flow simulator. The resulting system will be suitable for use by engineers with no special knowledge of thermodynamics or computational fluid dynamics to assist in the design of CVD reactors, and the operating characterisation of CVD processes used for semiconductor manufacturing. As well as the necessary software development, the project will cover the development of physical models and the performance of deposition experiments in order to acquire the necessary parameter values. The package will be validated in a pilot industrial environment.

ASM will use the simulation software resulting from the project to design and optimise reactors for the semiconductor industry.


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