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Go Fresh - Fresh and Quick Prepared, Healthy and Affordable Meal Solution

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Go Fresh (Go Fresh - Fresh and Quick Prepared, Healthy and Affordable Meal Solution)

Reporting period: 2016-04-01 to 2016-09-30

Due to the longer working hours, lack of time for fresh food preparation and due to diseases caused by unhealthy fast food, health conscious consumers in developed world seek for convenient food products that are quickly prepared and yet provide a healthy alternative. The estimated percentage of health conscious population globally today is 20-40%, which is 148 million EU citizens. A study by Nielsen & Natural Marketing Institute (2014) concludes that population is not only getting more and more health conscious, but is also willing to spend more money for healthier products (41% of Generation Z, 32% of Generation Y, 26% of Generation X), meaning that healthier eating habits will be even more widespread in the near future. The Go Fresh meal solution is a beyond state-of-the-art innovation on the market of healthy food products and food distribution appliances. By consuming one serving of the Go Fresh meal consumers will receive 1/3 of recommended daily intake of all essential nutrients according to the European legislation. Together with the newly developed vending machines that mix shakes on the spot, with no human intervention required for the food preparation process, the Go Fresh brings to consumers a healthy meal alternative, easily accessible, time saving and cost affordable, with top quality ingredients, that positively affect consumers’ health, energy levels and long-term well-being.
The main conclusion of the study is that it is feasible to fully develop and commercialize the Go Fresh meal solution. From a technical perspective the pilot study of the vending machine prototype shows that the machine concept is functional in an indoor and outdoor environment, however, some additional changes have to be applied to improve production performance and user experience. Meal recipes and flavours were perfected according to the EFSA food standards and tested for pleasurable likability with a sensory evaluation study. From a commercial perspective, a market study with target consumers was conducted to evaluate the new brand name, associations with the name and product category, visual identity, and product price. The results have confirmed the market potential of the Go Fresh solution. Key stakeholders, partners and subcontractors in EU countries were identified and a strategy was developed for production, distribution, marketing and pricing. A relevant certifications and standards were analysed and a knowledge protection strategy for the target markets was prepared. From a financial perspective an assessment of the total capital requirements and available sources of financing was made. We are confident the Go Fresh project can be developed in a long-term sustainable business. To raise sufficient funding to launch a pilot vending network and proceed with our business plan we will follow the normal startup approach.
Further development is required to built a fully functioning vending machines with improved performance and user experience and expand the market and usage with development of home appliances. Both solutions than need to be tested it in a real-life environment. The specific effects of the meal recipes have to be tested further on target consumers in a clinical study. A supply chain has to be established, and potential partners, distributors and franchisees have to be contracted.
When completed, the Go Fresh solution will contribute to several European strategies, objectives and policies regarding employment, investment in R&D, food (resource-efficient eco-innovative food production and processing) and health related issues (balanced nutrition, overweight and diseases caused by it).
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