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CNG Fuels- Mother and Daughter CNG Station Concept


The EU is lagging the rest of the world in the adoption of natural gas as the only possible source of clean, cheap fuel for heavy transport applications. The tide of economics and regulation is moving in favour of natural gas, yet the infrastructure has proven too expensive and too inflexible to meet demand both conveniently and economically. Gas grid infrastructure has defined the location of cheap gas, as mobile solutions are not scaleable and too expensive for mass adoption.

Global trends identified in this proposal show that rapid gas adoption rates have been closely linked to the provision of infrastructure beyond a critical mass level, a process we believe we can rapidly accelerate.

CNG Fuels have pioneered the concept of using high pressure gas grid connections to build Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) refuelling stations which produce the lowest cost gas, with the lowest emissions profile, and produce it far more abundantly than other stations throughout Europe. Our new CNG Station in Leyland, is feeding a customer's off grid 'daughter' station via CNG trailer.

What is becoming clear to us is that we can sell a lot more gas to a lot more fleets by focussing our high pressure 'mother' stations on the provision of very cheap gas to CNG trailers for them to then fuel vehicles at 'daughter' stations, located where the customers want them, i.e. close to the depot or on the major transport routes.

We intend to build stations that focus on fuelling large numbers of CNG trailers simultaneously. Locating our mother stations where the cheapest gas can be produced, i.e. the cheapest land, close to highest pressure gas grid. Our production levels will provide us bulk gas and electricity discounts as a high volume user. We can pass the savings on to our customers so that they can transport the gas and still supply it cheaply.

The vastly improved economics of owning 'daughters', will rapidly boost the network effect, and the adoption rates of gas throughout Europe.

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