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FunBrush – smart device to change brushing teeth into fun and healthy game


The main objective of the overall innovation project is the realization and preparing to commercialization on the EU and US market of FunBrush - a device for children to teach them how to brush their teeth and change this activity into a fun and healthy adventure.
Parents experience confirmed by our and specialist’s research shows that brushing teeth is an activity that many children find not useful and boring, but what is the most important – they do not understand the future consequences of not brushing or brushing with the wrong technique. According to specialists, because of this over 30% of kids aged 4-10 suffer from tooth decay in countries like UK, Germany, France, the USA or similar developed countries, even up to 70-80% in countries like Poland. Worldwide, 60–90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults suffer from dental cavities (WHO, 2014). Specialists recommends that the most important is to focus on the frequency and the duration of brushing, as this is the key aspect of children dental problems. We found solution to help them using modern technologies.
The solution for parents that are challenged to make children brush their teeth regularly is FunBrush. FunBrush provides a smart toy to change brushing into what children love the most - games.
The expected outcome of overall innovation project should be completed and prepared to production FunBrush device and working platform coherent with customers needs and requirements of the successful strategy implementation.
The project will rely on a collaborative approach between partners (Funbrush Ltd, Fineus Przewrocki Sp.j.) which establish the consortium to prepare FunBrush device and platform.
The specific objectives of project is elaboration of feasibility study with a business plan related to the realization and preparing to commercialization of an already developed prototype of FunBrush.

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