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New high-performant and long-lasting ballast for sustainable railway infrastructures


NEOBALLAST is an innovative high-performance, long-lasting and eco-friendly ballast aggregate solution designed to
overcome the two most important shortcomings of railway tracks: track degradation and noise and vibration emissions, whilst
improving safety and customer service. The implementation of NEOBALLAST will improve the economic and environmental
performance of European railway tracks, bringing important socio-economic benefits to the whole European society. As a
suitable solution for both, new and existing railway lines, NEOBALLAST potential market extends to the whole European rail
network (i.e. beyond 200,000km of lines), accounting for almost 20 million tonnes of new ballast every year, and a related
turnover about 350M€.

In order to take this mature and proven technology, NEOBALLAST project joins industry partners from different sectors,
covering the whole value-chain of NEOBALLAST, into a well-balanced and multidisciplinary team. The project has a
business-driven approach, where actions are devised to solve those barriers that may difficult NEOBALLAST quick and
extensive market up-take. In this sense, the main steps to attain a successful and effective market uptake are the
development of a large-scale production technology to meet expected market demands, the demonstration and validation of
NEOBALLAST in real working environment, an effective dissemination across Expert Panel groups to achieve a wide
deployment and finally the IPR management, exploitation and commercialization of NEOBALLAST through the creation of a
NEWCO constituted by all the project parents.

The management structure joins forces with an Advisory Committee that will provide the Consortium with an independent,
end-user centric viewpoint to the direction and relevance of the work as the project. The Advisory Committee will be drawn
from three Infrastructure Managers, track contractor organisations, technological platforms and three track expert members
of the Academia.


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