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New high-performant and long-lasting ballast for sustainable railway infrastructures


Monitoring of the field tests

Monitoring of the field tests, with the N&V measurements, track settlement and other relevant data collected during the monitoring period

Potential aggregate suppliers for Neoballast replication

Report with the identification and engagement of potential European aggregate suppliers.

Certification of Neoballast

Certification of Neoballast (M36), with the report of the activities undertaken to regulate the use of Neoballast in the EU and National railway norms

Fairs and technical events

Report with the presentations and a photographical report of the attended fairs and technical events

LCCA and LCA of Neoballast

LCCA and LCA of Neoballast, with the updated data obtained from the field test monitoring and the optimized production technology.

Media and specialised publications

Media and specialised publications, with a selection of press notes and published articles.

Workshops and training material

Report on the activities undertaken through workshops and trainings.


Launch of the website, with a report with the content available on the web.

Design and construction of the field tests,

Design and construction of the field tests, with guidelines of the construction process to be followed for a proper execution and a photographic report of the construction process


Full-scale study of Neoballast section for its application in railway tracks: optimization of track design

Author(s): M. Sol-Sánchez, F. Moreno-Navarro, M. C. Rubio-Gámez, N. Manzo, V. Fontseré
Published in: Materials and Structures, Issue 51/2, 2018, ISSN 1359-5997
Publisher: R I L E M Publications S. A. R. L.
DOI: 10.1617/s11527-018-1167-2

Rubber-coated ballast demonstrates improved track resilience

Author(s): K. Smith, S. Govender, N. Manzo, M. Morata, V. Fontserè
Published in: International Railway Journal, Issue September 2019 | Volume 59 Issue 9, 2019, Page(s) 52-55, ISSN 2161-7368
Publisher: Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corp

NEOBALLAST: Seeking the ballast of the future

Author(s): N. Manzo, A. López-Pita, V. Fontserè, J. A. Casado, I. Carrascal, S. Diego
Published in: Vía Libre Técnica, Issue Number 11, December 2016, 2016, Page(s) 49-61, ISSN 2174-0194
Publisher: Vía Libre Técnica

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