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Advanced Materials technologies to QUADRUPLE the Concentrated Solar Thermal current POWER GENERATION


IN-POWER website

Website design as a communication tool between partners and for general public. The website will be designed in task 9.1.

IN-POWER communication materials (Poster, Leaflet, etc.)

Development of different IN-POWER communication materials, such as posters, leaflets, among others. This materials will be developed in task 9.2.

First and Final assessment report regarding standardization

Report including the first and final standardization assessment of new materials and components. This study will be done in task 8.2.

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High temperature combined sensible-latent thermal energy storage

Author(s): Pierre Garcia, Jérôme Pouvreau
Published in: SOLARPACES 2018: International Conference on Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems, Issue Vol. 2126, Issue 1, 2019, Page(s) 200020
DOI: 10.1063/1.5117735

Experimental Results from a Pilot Scale Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage for DSG Power Plants – Advanced Operating Strategies

Author(s): Pierre Garcia, Grégory Largiller, Gilles Matringe, Lucas Champelovier, and Sylvie Rougé
Published in: AIP Conference Proceedings, Issue to be published in 2021, 2021