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Explaining Global India: a multi-sectoral PhD training programme analysing the emergence of India as a global actor



It was agreed with the coordinator to include additonal deliverable prior the MTR with publications such conference papers, policy briefs and dissemination etc delivered by ESRs between month 1-22

Mid-term report

Mid term report

Event 1-4

Events from 1-4 are merged to one deliverable however their description remains the same as defined in Part B.

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‘Is India a neglected partner? UN peacekeeping in a changing world’

Author(s): Lara Klossek
Published in: 2018

China and Non-Market Economy Treatment: A Tale of Two Interpretations

Author(s): Akhil Raina
Published in: Linklaters online blog, 2018

My morals, your trade, our WTO: Public Morals after Brazil – Taxation

Author(s): Akhil Raina
Published in: Linklaters online blog, 2018

Making and Breaking Deals? Priorities and Strategy in Trump’s Renegotiations

Author(s): Akhil Raina
Published in: Linklaters online blog, 2018

Will Walmart’s acquisition of India’s e-commerce start-up – Flipkart, result in job losses?”

Author(s): Anish Tiwari
Published in: Blog, 2018

What is a Safeguard Measure under WTO Law?

Author(s): Akhil Raina
Published in: Trade, Law & Development, Issue Vol. 10, Issue 2, 2019, ISSN 0975-3346

EU and Global Economic Governance: A Leader without a Roadmap?

Author(s): Akhil Raina
Published in: European Integration and Global Power Shifts: What Lessons for Asia?, 2019

How European Think Tanks Think about India: A Perception Study, 2008-2017

Author(s): Lourens van Haaften & Idesbald Goddeeris
Published in: chapter in edited volume of the NEAR Lecture series (title unknown), 2019
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3518885

The Jesuit mission and business management education in contemporary India

Author(s): Lourens Van Haaften
Published in: Edited Volume Mission and Modernity Studies, 2019
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3518865