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ConcEpt validatioN sTudy foR fusElage wake-filLIng propulsioN intEgration


Electric machinery preliminary design report

Preliminary weight, efficiency and geometric data of electric motor and generators

Specification of fan design and rig test campaign plan

Fuselage fan model design specification and description of planned test campaign

Results of the fuselage fan rig testing

Comprehensive documentation of the post-processed test rig measurement results

Interim report on fuselage-wing junction aero-structural investigation

Fuselage-wing junction aero-structural pre-design: approach, calculation methods, interim results

Specification of wind tunnel model and test campaign plan

Model design specification and description of planned test campaign

Dissemination and exploitation plan

The plan will define how research data will be handled, including access rules, how they will be exploited, shared and protected during the project lifetime and beyond. The plan will be updated throughout the Project.

Multi-disciplinary evaluation of the optimized propulsive fuselage aircraft

Report on the multi-disciplinary PFC assessment against the R2035

Power plant integration concept for electric generator

Description of multi-disciplinary generator integration

Summary report on multi-disciplinary design results

Multi-disciplinary design of optimised PFC aircraft design and corresponding CAD representation

Definition of multidisciplinary interfacing strategy

Documentation of the multi-disciplinary interfacing framework and work flow logic

Results of the overall configuration wind tunnel testing

Comprehensive documentation of the post-processed wind tunnel measurement results

Final PFC aircraft aerodynamic design and performance

Description of the final PFC aerodynamic shaping and Performance including geometry data

Interim report on fuselage and nacelle aero-structural pre-design

Fuselage and nacelle aero-structural pre-design: approach, calculation methods, interim results

Propulsive fuselage technology roadmap towards TRL6 in 2030

Report on the detailed technology roadmapping for the CENTRELINE technologies towards target TRL in year 2030

Power plant system final design and performance characteristics

Final design description and performance data (design and off-design) for the PFC power plants

Specification of propulsive fuselage aircraft layout and design features

Basic specification including CAD data and component requirements for initial PFC aircraft design

CENTRELINE workshop presenting final project results

Public workshop presenting the final results of the CENTRELINE project and providing an outlook of the necessary next development steps; possibly in conjunction with an key exhibition event

CENTRELINE public website

Public website presenting project approach, consortium and current results, and promoting public and stakeholder outreach

CENTRELINE public workshop for policy makers

Public workshop to present preliminary results of the propulsive fuselage concept

CENTRELINE technology transfer workshop

Workshop targeting key innovation stakeholders to promote and assess future industrial uptake and development needs

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Strategy and Implementation of a Parametric CAD Model for R2035 Aircraft Structure and External Configuration

Author(s): Goraj, Z., Goliszek, B., Kowalski , M., Seitz, A., Peter, F. and Meller, F.
Published in: 2018

Concept Validation Study for Fuselage Wake-Filling Propulsion Integration

Author(s): Seitz, A., Peter, F., Bijewitz, J., Habermann, A., Goraj, Z., Kowalski, M., Castillo Pardo, A., Hall C., Meller, F., Merkler, R., Petit, O., Samuelsson, S., Della Corte, B., van Sluis, M., Wortmann, G. and Dietz, M.
Published in: 2018

Power Plant Pre-Design Exploration for a Turbo-Electric Propulsive Fuselage Concept

Author(s): Bijewitz, J., Seitz, A. and Hornung, M.
Published in: 2018

Performance Bookkeeping for Aircraft Configurations with Fuselage Wake-Filling Propulsion Integration

Author(s): Habermann, A.L., Bijewitz, J., Seitz, A. and Hornung, M.
Published in: 2018

Stress, strain and displacement analysis of geodetic and conventional fuselage structure for future passenger aircraft

Author(s): Zdobyslaw Jan Goraj, Mariusz Kowalski, Bartlomiej Goliszek
Published in: Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, 2019, ISSN 0002-2667