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Mobility as a Service in a multimodal European cross-border corridor

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MyCorridor (Mobility as a Service in a multimodal European cross-border corridor)

Reporting period: 2017-06-01 to 2018-11-30

MyCorridor aim: develop the technological & business platform to enable technologies, applications, business models, legal & operational schemes & travel behaviour adaptation & promotion strategies to facilitate sustainable travel in urban & interurban areas & across borders by replacing private vehicle ownership by private vehicle use, as just one element in an integrated/multi-modal MaaS chain. An innovative platform & novel business schemes will enable a paradigm shift for car users, by driving the ‘vehicle world’ towards MaaS, leading to the emergence of a new business actor across Europe; the Mobility Services Aggregator. This will be realised through:
Obj.1: Integration of MaaS vehicles into a multimodal service chains platform
Obj.2: Provision of a new business paradigm, actor & model for pan-European cross-border adoption
Obj.3: Proof of concept of the new business model & integrated platform by selected UC’s & performance of full operational analysis & impact assessment through interconnected European corridor of Pilots
All project objectives are met. Meetings conducted; kick-off, 4 plenary, 4 technical, 2 cluster, 1 Advisory Board members, 2 Pan-European workshops. Project administration (WP9) ensured smooth project progress. Submitted 14 Deliverables.

WP1; identified traveller behaviour & preferences through an online survey & focus groups, analysing 9 advanced offerings, 10 single dimension schemes & 5 research initiatives. Key success/failure factors recognised across 6 key clusters, project requirements were identified. 15 Use Cases emerged covering all solutions & interactions. WP2; conceptual system architecture set, 1st risk assessment & data management plan were conducted. WP3; stable version of the service delivery platform, the matchmaking module & the service registration tool in place. 15 services integrated so far in the one-stop-shop (2 from external service providers). WP4; Service Provider Agreement prepared for engaging external services providers. A common RESTful & booking API for added value services developed. WP5; user data model & the development of the MyCorridor profiling mechanism. RESTful API implemented to support the profiling mechanism while adaptable & personalised wireframes developed, resulting in 1st version Android application; iOS development under way. WP6; developed pilot plans, framework & tools for 1st evaluation phase with travellers & service providers. Initial plan for 2nd evaluation phase & impact assessment prepared. Preparation for 1st pilots round started. WP7; defined business methodology, tackling operational, equity & legal issues, feeding all data related legal agreements between stakeholders. WP8; project website, project leaflet, initial project brochure, project animation & User Forum. Two workshops organized, social media created, significant number of news & project representation in events. WP10; Ethics Board & key ethics requirements established to monitor ethical issues across the project, updated & continuously monitored in WP9. GDPR related processes & roles defined in the Consortium
MyCorridor aims: Combine individual traveller objectives with network wide management strategies in a win-win case, making MaaS cheaper, friendlier & more efficient for road operators & users. Integrate services in a single mode to facilitate the cooperation of local, single transport mode agencies. Introduce an ICT cloud-based ecosystem for automatic matchmaking between available services to better meet current clients’ requests & integrate existing traffic management services by deploying novel business models introducing the MaaS aggregator. Key expected results:
• single MaaS chain, one-stop-shop web services, tools to integrate single services to content & an optimized & adaptable UI for all travellers.
• new business paradigm & business actor (MaaS aggregator), provide holistic MaaS services locally and, through roaming, globally in competitive prices & with flexible business schemes.
• legally abiding, operationally functional & fully viable MaaS platform throughout Europe.

Key MyCorridor innovations:
1. MaaS implementation: Mechanism development to support driver participation in a multimodal trip chain & an integrated Europewide “EURO-Mobility Ticket”.
2. Market place & business models: Connects multimodal services to MaaS, by enabling service providers’ collaboration & introducing new payment schemes (Mobility Token).
3. Policy: Supports ITS Directive (40/2010) priorities, expanding TM2.0 to multimodal trips & MaaS (towards TM2.1).
4. Citizen QoL: One-stop-shop to allow ALL citizens realise MaaS-based travel around Europe in a cheaper, comfortable & environmental friendly way.

MyCorridor responds fully to the expected impact listed in topic MG-6.1-2016:
• The MyCorridor Single Trip Identity, integrated into the Mobility Agent, will provide a MaaS solution for handling ticketing of multiple legs for multimodal transport at all levels. The MyCorridor Agent & the MyCorridor platform will be fully compliant with existing & emerging relevant standards (i.e. TM2.0) extending to multimodal services & MaaS, & will support mobile services provided on any mobile device (iOS, Android & MS smartphones). Socially responsible travel behaviour is addressed through novel incentive & promotion schemes in A7.3. Social equity & inclusion are guaranteed by a UI for all citizens (including VECs) & relevant operational/legal schemes of A7.4.
• MyCorridor provides a multimodal, interoperable & open architecture & platform on the Cloud that interfaces with existing services & platforms at urban, regional, national & multinational level, all integrated into MyCorridor’s Mobility Agent. This is proved by its application in a European cross-border corridor. The multimodal integration connects infomobility services, routing & e-ticketing of PT, & local private schemes on car/bike pooling sharing, on-street parking, inland waterways, maritime & air transport.
• MyCorridor is a large scale deployment across a corridor of 6 European countries. It brings together PT multimodal chains with emerging private MaaS (i.e. for car and/or bike sharing/pooling schemes) in a new, flexible, interoperable cross border value chain while introducing new business rules (Mobility Services Aggregator, uniting single MaaS issuer).

MyCorridor aims:
• Reduce cost, travel time & improve safety/security/convenience.
• Address full range of users & MaaS types, involving them in service delivery.
• Provide mechanism for a vibrant, profitable, MaaS mobility market (with emphasis on SMEs) & transfer R&D results to market.
• Integrate interfaces with content, media & devices.
• Work across all transport mode domains.
• Promote MaaS & paperless payment.
• Be environmental friendly by encouraging car sharing & public transport use.
• Contribute to global leadership of the EU industry by promoting car sharing.

The MyCorridor platform will generate significant revenue for the MaaS aggregator, (through direct sales) & the MaaS Operators, make their product more attractive, visible & accessible. Service providers will enhance revenues by integrating services to holistic traveller packages. Individual travellers will benefit from better prices, higher quality & service availability. Car-sharing converts fixed costs into usage fees, increases mobility & access to goods, services, & opportunities for carless & low income households