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Mobility as a Service in a multimodal European cross-border corridor


MyCorridor mission is to facilitate sustainable travel in urban and interurban areas and across borders by replacing private vehicle ownership by private vehicle use, as just one element in an integrated/multi-modal MaaS chain, through the provision of an innovative platform, based on mature ITS technology, that will combine connected traffic management and multi modal services and thus facilitate modal shift. It will propose a technological and business MaaS solution, which will cater for interoperability, open data sharing, as well as tackling the legislative, business related and travel-behavior adaptation barriers enabling the emergence of a new business actor across Europe; the one of a Mobility Services Aggregator. MyCorridor will prove this paradigm change through a number of European sites, which are performing long distance and cross border Pilots in a corridor of 6 European countries; from the South (Greece, Italy) through to Central (Austria, Germany, the Netherlands) and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic). Those sites will develop Mobility Package tokens, purchased through one-stop-shop and will incorporate the following services: a) Traffic management services b) Services related to MaaS PT interface c) MaaS vehicle related services and d) Horizontal (business related) services. MyCorridor tasks will be undertaken by a balanced consortium that encompasses all key actors, namely 2 key industrial Partners (SWARCO, Tom-Tom), 7 dynamic SME’s in the mobility market (INFOTRIP, CHAPS, WINGS, MAPTM, AMCO, VivaWallet, HaCon), 1 mobility agency (RSM), 1 ITS association (TTS), 4 Research performers (UNEW, CERTH, UPAT, SRFG), 1 multinational Legal Firm with specialisation in novel mobility scheme structuring (OC) and IRU which will act as the liaison to MaaS Alliance. Also, 11 Letter of Supports have been signed by external to MyCorridor service providers, that commit to allow their services integration in MyCorridor platform.

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