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Safe maritime operations under extreme conditions: the Arctic case


Dissemination, Web Portal and communication material

D6.3 will provide: a. Web portal and initial content (M2) then maintained web portal with updated content. b. Project publication material (M2) c. Information Observatory including inventory, structuring and publishing via the web portal of relevant information, transferring information into knowledge 
(initial M12, revise final M36) d. Dissemination plan with a strategy targeting the different relevant stakeholders in an effective way, generally describing the intended applied and scientific dissemination activities (M3) e. Yearly update of the dissemination plan with a specification of the intended dissemination activities in the next year.

Gender Action Plan

D7.5 will include a detailed gender-neutral work plan of the individuals involved in SEDNA and measures to identify and monitor the gender balance in it.

Regulatory Framework

D1.1 will provide a project baseline and regulatory framework for the SEDNA safety solutions.

Safer Shipping Innovation Vision and Goals

D1.3 will provide fully validated project mission, innovation targets, evaluation criteria and metrics.

Arctic Shipping Future Trends report

D1.2 will identify key ‘What if?’ future scenarios and produce Horizon Scanning reports.

Codified Arctic Navigation Knowledge Base

D3.5 will identify and codify best practices of safe Arctic navigation into proposed standard operating procedures.

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A generic energy systems model for efficient ship design and operation

Author(s): Tillig, F., Ringsberg, J.W., Mao, W. and Ramne, B
Published in: IMechE, Part M, Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment, 2017, ISSN 1475-0902