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A regional history of medicine in the modern Middle East, 1830-1960

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A medical discourse on sex and sexuality in 1930s Egypt

Author(s): Mayan Lalush
Published in: 2019

Life-Narratives of Three Egyptian Doctors in the Countryside in 1930s Egypt

Author(s): Maria Vologzhanina
Published in: 2019

Public Health and Sanitation in History of Haifa during the British Mandate (1920-1934)

Author(s): Ahmad Mahmoud
Published in: 2019

“The Time of the Doctor”: Medical Discourse on the Health and Hygiene of the Egyptian Village during the 1930s.

Author(s): Dan Kedem
Published in: 2019

Health and War on Display - The Ottoman Red Crescent Exhibition in Istanbul 1917

Author(s): Ahmad Fahoum
Published in: 2018