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Ecophysiology of membrane lipid remodelling in marine bacteria

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Elucidation of glutamine lipid biosynthesis in marine bacteria reveals its importance under phosphorus deplete growth in Rhodobacteraceae

Author(s): Alastair F. Smith, Branko Rihtman, Rachel Stirrup, Eleonora Silvano, Michaela A. Mausz, David J. Scanlan, Yin Chen
Published in: The ISME Journal, 2018, ISSN 1751-7362
DOI: 10.1038/s41396-018-0249-z

Manganese Is Essential for PlcP Metallophosphoesterase Activity Involved in Lipid Remodeling in Abundant Marine Heterotrophic Bacteria

Author(s): Tao Wei, Mussa Quareshy, Yu-zhong Zhang, David J. Scanlan, Yin Chen
Published in: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Issue 84/15, 2018, ISSN 0099-2240
DOI: 10.1128/AEM.01109-18