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Colour-code labelling for continuous monitoring of quality and safety of packed chicken meat


FreshInk represents a unique Smart packaging solution targeting the global market of fresh food packaging, starting with
fresh chicken breast market. The innovation uses a patented, solvent-based flexographic ink, which makes a reactive
indicating compound, that follows the progress of the product´s freshness.

The main advantages of FreshInk are i) the proven safety of its main structural element, which allows the packaging to
examine the freshness of the product and not of its environment -as is the status quo in smart packaging- as well as ii) the
fact that the reactive indicating compound determines a progressive colour change, making it feasible to follow the gradual
alteration of the product´s freshness.

FreshInk combines extensive know-how with cutting edge technology in the domain of freshness indicators. It represents an
introduction to a whole new distruptive technology that will change the direction of how we conserve food.
This phase 2 project aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of the FreshInk label to key stakeholders – packaging
companies, retailers and consumers – in order to overcome market barriers that occur due to lack of knowledge.
CHIMIGRAF is a consolidated SME, with over 160 employees and turnover of 38M€. The successful exploitation of FreshInk
not only offers to create 8 new jobs and provide CHIMIGRAF with an increased income of 6M€, but also will represent over
50% of CHIMIGRAF’s profit by 2021, securing the long term future of the company.

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