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Protection Beyond Operating System - Development of the next generation cyber security solution


Mobile app for monitoring the infrastructure

A mobile application used to keep an eye, even when roaming, on the current security status of the whole infrastructure, with access all the relevant security alerts and details that can be managed and responded through a mobile device without impacting the business continuity.

Redesigned dashboard

Redesign the dashboard to accommodate all the added capabilities and to support multiple different users with access to different segments of the monitored infrastructure.

SaaS enabled dashboard

Adapt the dashboard to the multi tenancy environment in order to provide a managed security service based on a cloud infrastructure.

Updated website

We will update our website in accordance with the specific requirements of the EC guidelines.

Report on dissemination and communication activities

The communication plan will be implemented from M7 and the implementation will be continuously monitored during and after the project. We will create a report assessing the impact and results of dissemination and communication activities.