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ENLARGE – ENergies for Local Administrations: Renovate Governance in Europe


Final monitoring and evaluation of the project

A final report of the ENALRGE project will be issued and will include information on the physical, financial and procedural progresses of the ENLARGE project, together with the results of the stakeholder survey.

Report on participatory approaches in sustainable energy emerging from 'real life' practices

The report will include information on the practices received and the 30 selected good practices. All matrixes filled in by public bodies will be attached to the report

Knowledge map of participatory governance

Knowledge map of participatory governance translated into several languages. The knowledge map will provide indications and recommendations on participatory governance in the field of sustainable energy, with a particular focus on the relevance, effectiveness, sustainability, legitimacy and success mechanisms of participatory governance in this area, as well as a self-evaluation checklist.

Conceptual and methodological report on participatory processes, in particular in the field of sustainable energy

The report will include: i) a section on participatory approaches, methodologies and tools, with a particular focus on co-design and co-production participatory processes; ii) a section dedicated to the two matrixes: co-design and co-production matrixes; iii) a section dedicated to the case study methodology: selection criteria, templates and guidelines.

30 Case study reports and case studies cross analysis

- Thirty case study reports and case studies cross analysis (month 11). The case study reports and cross analysis will provide information on the features, results, challenges and success mechanisms of the analysed practices and extrapolate knowledge on success mechanisms for transferability to other contexts.

Printed materials

Banners, leaflets and brochures about the project are expected to be produced and translated into the languages of the partners.

Project logo and templates for all project documents

Preliminary study and design of a project logo and layout for outputs, so that all partners and associates produce consistent materials (study conducted, and logo already approved during the first Steering Committee)

Final report of the deliberative event

Report of the deliberative event, including the number of participants, the topics of discussion, the main findings achieved.

A manifest for boosting participatory processes to achieve relevant results in sustainable energy policies and processes

The document will present the main findings emerging from the deliberative event, with the identification of the most recuprrent obstacles and weaknesses and factors of success, and the extrapolation of model(s) for participatory processes in sustainable energy.

Nine newsletters

Quarterly newsletters in English will be developed and issued, with the contribution of all the co-applicants and associates both in the content creation phase, and in the dissemination. The date specified above defines the last release of the newsletter. The newsletters will be issued on months: 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24.

Synthesis of case studies

Synthesis of the case studies published on the project website

Updated CYOA online book for two years after the project end

Identification and collection of further practices or updating to be added to the CYOA book. A first review of the CYOA book will be carried out following project evaluation (month 24), and a further review will be drafted 24 months after project termination.

Ten coordinated communication events at local level

Ten events will be organized in 10 municipalities from 10 different countries – the municipalities will be chosen among 28 entities from all over Europe which have expressed their interest and support for the ENLARGE project. Special attention will be given to diversity, final locations will vary in size and cover different regions of Europe in order to reach a wide range of actors including local citizens, local and national NGOs, and also local authorities and policymakers, who are not directly linked to project but can be potential users of the project outputs and outcomes. The aim of these events is to present the project ENLARGE, the newly developed innovative tool ENLARGE CYOA online book, its possible use in local participatory processes related to sustainable energy policies, but also to raise awareness about active citizens’ participation in local decision-making, particularly concerning sustainable energy issues. The events might take various formats depending on local context, capacities and municipality preference, e.g. round tables, public presentations and discussions, information panels, interactive presentation of the online platform. Informative leaflets containing links to the project, links to social networks and certain other references will be available for those preferring eco-friendly online versions. These events will be organized by AADL project manager and the head of the communication department, directly involved during the whole project, equipped with first-hand experience and thus able to answer questions arising in a comprehensive and understandable way.

One final event in Brussels

The final project dissemination event will be held in Brussels and will focus specifically on spreading information about the project, its outcomes and developed tools among locally present stakeholders including local authorities, national representatives, international workers, European Union officials and policymakers, lobbyists and others in order to promote use of the developed tools, for example the ENLARGE CYOA online book and online interactive platform. The event will consist of a presentation of the project, its methodology, phases, and achievements, but also of expert panels discussing the participatory processes in the area of local policymaking, the relevance of the participatory processes, their contribution for open and inclusive governance, possibilities to achieve effective collaboration with non-governmental actors and to extend public administrators’ capacities in the area of participatory governance and others, namely in the area of environment. Subsequently, the developed tools will be presented – especially the online platform with all its participatory elements, which will be introduced in an interactive way. Furthermore, a second advantage of such an event is that it will serve as a platform for networking between engaged stakeholders, which may possibly lead to further initiatives and actions and an easier spread and application of project outcomes.

Online video interviews with the main actors of the case studies

Online video interviews with some of the main actors of the case studies, telling the case story

Project website

The website will be the go-to-place for up-to-date information about the project, its activities and its results. It will play an important part in promoting the project and its findings, showcase presentations from events, links to other related material, reports and surveys. The website will be operational (updated) until two years after completion of the project, and will continue presenting the project activities and outcomes far beyond its conclusion.

One Online Survey to local administrations/stakeholders

A beneficiary survey will be addressed to the local administrations and stakeholders involved in the project and to other interested administration and stakeholders (such as for example the external supporting partners). The web based questionnaire will be aimed at assessing the relevance/effectiveness of the project and at collecting further practices to be added to the ones identified during the ENLARGE project.

Final version of the CYOA online book translated in several languages

The final version of the book will take into account the results of the test phase and will be translated into english and other languages before publication.