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FLUOrinated SURFactant formulations for droplet-based microfluidics


Droplet-based microfluidics is a key emerging technology for the miniaturization and automation of biochemical assays.
The limiting factor for industrial applications of the technology is not the device aspect but rather the robust control of
emulsion formulations to be used in these devices.
Existing formulation solutions available on the market are far from being mature enough to fully convince and satisfy the
end-user. The ERC project SOFI has resulted in the fundamental understanding of the dynamics of surfactant with two key
results on emulsification efficiency and on retention efficiency. We identified that the flaw in the formulations results from a
fundamental misunderstanding of the surfactant properties. We have a competitive technical advantage from our results of
the ERC project SOFI in terms of fundamental understanding of the dynamics of surfactant to explain the origin of failure of
the current formulations and to propose alternative solutions.
We will provide high-quality and high-added value formulations, adapted to the industrial landscape of droplet-based
microfluidics with an non-restrictive level of details on the elements of the formulation for the customer. We will characterize
the molecules using our cheap and newly developed methods for a quantitative determination of the formulation
The aim of the proposed Proof of Concept are therefore to (i) improve our product technical and economic properties, (ii)
finalize the transfer of our technology from the laboratory to the market and (iii) to start business and product

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