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Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities


Dissemination and Communication Plan

A comprehensive Dissemination and Communication Plan will be finalised to link all dissemination, communication and training tasks and their related products.

Draft of Dissemination and Communication Plan

At the beginning of the project, the plan drafts the phases and key contents of the project’s communication, the target groups addressed, the channels used and the roles each partner plays. It will be reviewed and modified as necessary.

Quality Management Plan

It includes Quality Plan for Deliverables and Risk Management and Project management Guidelines, including project infrastructure for internal and external info sharing

ROCK Circular Urban System description

The report to be provided will describe different scenarios thanks to the modelling activities. A set of KPIs will be included, able to match climate change adaptation strategies and CH protection.

Report on SMART KPIs and monitoring process

The KPIs will be linked with SMART objectives and will be subject to adjustment during the project. The report will include the monitoring process phases based on the application of KPIs.

Roadmap template for replicator cities

This template will be a basis for the elaboration of cities’ local visions and to select the crucial urban actions for a sustainable growth. It will be defined by Eurocities with the support of UNIBO (task 2.3 leader).

Report on governance toolkits and financial schemes for implementation of CH-led regeneration projects

This report will start from analysis of replicator cities, including indications and suggestions from virtuous case studies. It will suggest business and financial tools to be used for culture-led urban regeneration processes.

Guidelines for sustainable adaptive reuse for CH

The guidelines will be finalised to guide the implementation of ROCK measures in the operational environment, providing the best solutions to obtain a balance between conservation and adaptive reuse.

Guidelines for mentoring activities

The document is addressed to guide the mentoring process, defining the different phase of works, the expected outputs and results. It will be provided at the beginning of the project to allow specific adjustments, in compliance with the cities involved, before the mentoring activities’ starting

ROCK Website

It includes the private and the public web site structures, main sections and the subsections. This first version will be updated and filled with new contents during the project development.

ROCK Platform test

It will collect the results, the appreciation and usability level of the ROCK platform beta-version. These data will be useful for adjustments, integrations addressed to the final version of this digital tool.

Presentation of key results of the project concisely summarized in easy-communicative factsheets (N.1)

A first fact-sheet will be developed to increase the communication and dissemination plan effectiveness

Launch of ROCK Atlas

It consists in a collection of thematic cartographic supports to map the state of the art and the changes generated by ROCK in the ten cities involved.

Open Knowledge Portfolio

It reports successful heritage led-regeneration initiatives including involved stakeholders, impacts at different scales, benefits for the urban communities in terms of infrastructures, services, growth opportunities; management of time and costs; compliance with the EU framework. The report will help the consortium in the identification and mapping of the needs, barriers and challenges for Replicator Cities.

Taxonomically organised database of financial instruments

It identifies possible financial instruments for culture-led urban regeneration processes. It will focus on different categories of financial tools relating with different regeneration contexts. It will have a friendly structure in order to be used by local/replicator cities operators

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ICTs for Accessing, Understanding and Safeguarding Cultural Heritage: The Experience of INCEPTION and ROCK H2020 Projects

Author(s): Roberto Di Giulio, Andrea Boeri, Danila Longo, Valentina Gianfrate, Saveria O.M. Boulanger, Chiara Mariotti
Published in: International Journal of Architectural Heritage, 2019, Page(s) 1-19, ISSN 1558-3058
DOI: 10.1080/15583058.2019.1690075