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Indicator Monitoring for a new railway PAradigm in seamlessly integrated Cross modal Transport chains – Phase 1


Socio-economic values

Socio-economic values are to be identified and described, focussing on their relevance for the railway system

Requirements for SPDs

Requirements and desirable properties for the four SPDs: high-speed/mainline passenger rail, regional passenger rail, urban/suburban passenger rail and rail freight are to be defined.

Data Policy and Data Management Plan

This delivery should give all necessary Information on data policy and a Data Management Plan

Reference Scenario

One or a number of reference scenarios are to be set up, that will later on be the basis for the integrated assessment

Road map for SPD implementation

In this deliverable, the remaining steps to develop and implement SPDs and apply them to the identified case studies are to be outlined.

Concluding report, best practice and lesson learned

The concluding, best practice and lesson learned report will include an executive management summary of the methodology, the results and explain best practice and lessons learned to improve the methodologies and the project management within the IMPACT-2 project and further Shift 2 Rail projects.

Obstacles and requirement list

This deliverable will give a complete overview of available information about success factors including competitive mobility, prioritisation and strongly linked factors (as far as possible). It can be used to determine activity hot spots for different actors in the railway system.

Societal effects - Planning

This deliverable will provide a plan for the socio-economic impact assessment of potential Shift2Rail outputs

Mobility Scenarios

The study will present possible future mobility scenarios. Railway industry, railway enterprises and political decision-makers can use these scenarios as a basis for decision or to develop strategies.

SEIA & Baseline Assessment

The outcome of this deliverable is an overview of how the railway system can be used as a tool for societal building, and the potential role of S2R in this respect.

Use cases for SPDs

Suitable use cases for each of the market segments covered by the SPDs are to be identified.

SPD specification

This delivery is to provide specifications for the passenger and freight traffic and transport models and forecasting tools that are to serve as the basis for the development of the SPDs.

Subsystem structure and sublevel KPIs

The basic subsystem structure of the railway system and the Basic KPI structure is to be modelled in a way that all impacts and objectives within Shift2Rail can be depicted.

Communication Plan (incl. Project Website and leaflet)

A Project Website is to be set up published and a leaflet is to be designed

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Impact of Shift2Rail - a KPI model for the entire railway system

Author(s): Michael Meyer zu Hörste, Florian Brinkmann and Mats Berg
Published in: Transport Research Arena 2018, Bi-annual, 2018, Page(s) 50
Publisher: Transport Research Arena