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Transnational Access Programme for a Pan-European Network of HPC Research Infrastructures and Laboratories for scientific computing


First HPC-Europa3 research projects directory

This directory, which will be compiled in electronic format, will contain the project reports of the users whose visits were completed during the period PM1-18, organised by scientific discipline.  The directory will be made available on the HPC-Europa3 website and disseminated via all the available channels.

Container-as-a-service analysis report

This deliverable will report on the evaluation of different container/virtualization technologies in terms of supported features, already known advantages and drawbacks, together with the level of community acceptance. It will also describe the architecture of the proposed container-as-a-service solution for HPC building on the chosen technology. It will include: Overview of system management and application deployment on clusters deployed on bare metal, virtual machines and containers along with considerations, advantages and disadvantages of each approach; statement of the problems which containerized applications can address; information on the architecture and technologies to be used together with any needed configuration; Report on security issues; Examination of potential performance impacts which require investigation in subsequent benchmarking tasks; Examples of applications deployed with the container-as-a-service architecture for HPC.

CSC transnational access success story

Transnational access success story at CSC.

Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan will establish the membership and duties of the Marketing Team, and describe in detail the dissemination activities, which will be used to identify and communicate with potential new user groups.  It will co-ordinate the actions to publicise HPC-Europa3 to prevent duplication of effort, and will ensure that effort is maintained throughout the lifetime of the programme.

First Transnational Access Summary report

First report on the Transnational Access activity, including statistics relating to the number of applications received, users given access, and computing time used with summary data and details for each centre. This report will also include information about the outreach and dissemination activities, selection procedure, and any other issues relating to the Transnational Access.

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