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PCP for Water Smart Metering


Open market consultations and EU-level meet-the-market events report

proceedings of the Open Market Consultation events

Challenge brief and description of uncovered functionalities

Report on the smart metering needs by the utilities, and the uncovered technological solutions, thanks to the brainstorming sessions and a prior patent search

Definition of the Contract/Prior Information Notice

A Contractual/Prior Information Notice (PIN) will be published at the Official journal of the European Union (OJEU) to pre-inform suppliers about the planned procurement and to invite them to open market consultation, at least 30 days before publishing the invitation to tender notice

Invitation To Tender notice and Q&A publication

Pack of tender documents • PCP Contract Notice • PCP Call for tenders (also called Invitation to Tender or Tender Regulation) & need specification • PCP Framework Agreement and Annexes • PCP Phase 1 Specific Contract • The PCP Tender template The call-off packages for phase 2 and 3 of a PCP procurement includes several key documents: • PCP Request for offers/Invitation to tender for the call-off for Phase 2 respectively Phase 3 • PCP Phase 2/3 Specific Contract • PCP Phase 2/3 Tender templates.

Web page

The website is aimed at presenting the project, but also at communicating with technology suppliers, vendors and other utilities (information on the Open Market Consultation and the tenders)

Communication material (brochure, roll-up, leaflet, poster…)

The brochures will provide interested stakeholders and key actors with a snapshot of the project, facilitating a fast understanding of the project. The digital format will be made available at the project website for download as well. The brochures will be accompanied with leaflets when suitable during the project. Different poster or roll-up will be also produced for internal and external events

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