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A miniature Bio-photonics Companion Diagnostics platform for reliable cancer diagnosis and treatment monitoring.


Data managment plan

BIOCDx has decided to participate in the Open Research Data Pilot, introduced in Horizon 2020 Work Programme. In line with this decision, this deliverable will provide the Data Managment Plan (DMP) that will be defined in the first 6 months of the project in the framework of WP8. The Data Management Plan deals with all the concerns about the treatment of the data that will be involved in the whole project lifecycle and will be structured in compliance with the guidelines and the template conveyed by the European Commission.The main aspects that will be considered in the Data Management Plan, for each of the data set identified in the project are: types of data generated, collected or processed,standards used to manage data,data exploitation methodology, accessibility to data produced by the Project,data dissemination level, data Preservation and re-use. [ICCS/NTUA, All]

Report on the dissemination and outreach activities

Within this deliverable the dissemination activities of the project’s generated knowledge will be implemented including outreach activities to the public. [ICCS/NTUA, All]

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Photonic Integrated Circuit based sensing modules with hybrid integration in the silicon nitride TriPleX™ platform

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Microring resonator biosensing platform for sensitive detection of thrombin

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Design of ultra-compact multimode interference (MMI) couplers and high efficiency grating couplers in TriPleX platform as part of a photonic based sensor

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Apta- and Immuno-Sensors Performance Optimization: A Comparative Study of Surface Functionalization Techniques

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Notch controls urothelial integrity in the mouse bladder

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Analysis Cartridge for Companion Diagnostics

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