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Self-OrganizatioN towards reduced cost and eNergy per bit for future Emerging radio Technologies


Context aware architecture and analytical SO-Network Sharing

Will report on two aspects: i) Design of context-aware architecture and protocol as the enabler for SO, and ii) analytical approaches towards SO network sharing for LTE-A/beyond 4G.

Demonstration showcases

SONNET demonstration showcases will be defined according to the newly developed approaches proposed in WP2: CA-SO Network sharing and WP3: SO Coordinated multipoint.

System level simulation-based validation of CA-SO Network sharing

Implementation of the context aware module and SO network sharing algorithms in the GS system level simulator complemented by validation studies.

Definition of system architecture, system requirement and performance metrics

Defines the system architecture and the system requirements based on SONNET scenarios defined in D1.1. A set of conventional network sharing and CoMP strategies will be identified as baseline, against which SONNET will be compared. In addition, the performance metrics will defined here to evaluate SONNET efficiency, like throughput, delay, overhead, energy cost per bit, etc.

SONNET technologies survey and Scenarios

State of the art in network sharing, self-organized network, context aware and CoMP will be surveyed and the main challenges will be identified in terms of self organization applied towards network sharing and CoMP. Based on this survey, a set of reference scenarios and use cases will be determined to characterise SONNET applications.

System level validation of SO Coordinated Multipoint

Developed algorithms in task 3.1 will be mapped into models on the GS system level simulator, that will form building blocks within the simulation environment. Extensive simulations will be performed to find optimal energy saving strategies in the heterogeneous environment, as well as providing a trade-off between QoS and spectral efficiency.

Analytical Self-Organizing Coordinated multipoint

Design of self-organizing coordinated multipoint scenarios in heterogeneous radio access environments. We marry the notion of SO with CoMP to provide a self-autonomous CoMP approach based on contextual surrounding.

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