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Stakeholder community for once-only principle: Reducing administrative burden for citizens


Data management plan and report

The deliverable documents the data management plan and its execution along the project runtime as scheduled in task 6.3. The Data Management plan will be available in Month 6.

Policy brief of recommendations

This deliverable is a policy brief for strategic decision makers on recommendations for how to successfully implement the OOP4C through dedicated R&I as well as implementation activities

State of play report of best practices

The state of play report will document the results from the analysis of the initiatives and good practice cases and the main findings from the analysis elaborated in task 1.2. It will also report on the filling of the knowledge base (infrastructure provided in work package 3 and D 3.1) with good practice cases. The deliverable will be available as a draft in month 6.

Strategic stakeholder engagement plan

This report sums up the results of task 2.2 and puts forward a strategic stakeholder engagement plan as a useful instrument for governments, civil society organisations and policy makers to successfully engage stakeholders in applying the OOP. A draft will be available in month 12.

Vision of the once-only principle for citizens, including key enablers and major barriers

This document will provide a concise policy brief of the vision of the OOP4C, key enablers and major barriers as elaborated in tasks 1.1 and 1.3 The deliverable will be made available as a draft in month 2.

Gap analysis report of challenges, needs and benefits of the OOP4C analysis

This report documents the findings of tasks 4.1 and 4.2 by synthesising and consolidating the challenges, needs and benefits of the OOP4C, and prioritising them according to the OOP4C vision. It furthermore outlines the most promising characteristics and solutions to implement the OOP.

Roadmap for future areas of actions, and policy recommendations

This document reports the activities of task 4.3, i.e. the roadmap of future areas of actions suggested by SCOOP4C, as well as the extended version of policy recommendations. A draft version of the roadmap for future areas of actions will be available in month 18 (internal) and month 24 (final draft).

Identification and mapping of stakeholders

This report documents the results of task 2.1, i.e. the identification and mapping of stakeholders in government-to-citizen and government-to-government interactions in once-only contexts. The report includes graphical representations of stakeholder maps and stakeholder involvement maps to outline main concerns and types of involvement in such interactions. Draft version due in month 6

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