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Lubricating Cartilage: exploring the relation between lubrication and gene-regulation to alleviate osteoarthritis

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Lubrication of articular cartilage

Author(s): Sabrina Jahn, Jacob Klein
Published in: Physics Today, Issue 71/4, 2018, Page(s) 48-54, ISSN 0031-9228
DOI: 10.1063/pt.3.3898

Charging dynamics of an individual nanopore

Author(s): Ran Tivony, Sam Safran, Philip Pincus, Gilad Silbert, Jacob Klein
Published in: Nature Communications, Issue 9/1, 2018, ISSN 2041-1723
DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-06364-1

Lipid-hyaluronan synergy strongly reduces intrasynovial tissue boundary friction

Author(s): Weifeng Lin, Reut Mashiah, Jasmine Seror, Assaf Kadar, Oleg Dolkart, Tamir Pritsch, Ronit Goldberg, Jacob Klein
Published in: Acta Biomaterialia, Issue 83, 2019, Page(s) 314-321, ISSN 1742-7061
DOI: 10.1016/j.actbio.2018.11.015

Trapped Aqueous Films Lubricate Highly Hydrophobic Surfaces

Author(s): Irit Rosenhek-Goldian, Nir Kampf, Jacob Klein
Published in: ACS Nano, Issue 12/10, 2018, Page(s) 10075-10083, ISSN 1936-0851
DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.8b04735

Control of surface forces through hydrated boundary layers

Published in: ISSN 1359-0294
DOI: 10.1016/j.cocis.2019.10.001

Normal and shear forces between boundary sphingomyelin layers under aqueous conditions

Author(s): Yifeng Cao, Nir Kampf, Weifeng Lin, Jacob Klein
Published in: Soft Matter, 2020, ISSN 1744-683X
DOI: 10.1039/d0sm00215a

Surface Interactions between Boundary Layers of Poly(ethylene oxide)–Liposome Complexes: Lubrication, Bridging, and Selective Ligation

Author(s): S. A. Angayarkanni, Nir Kampf, Jacob Klein
Published in: Langmuir, Issue 35/48, 2019, Page(s) 15469-15480, ISSN 0743-7463
DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b01708

Origins of the long-ranged attraction between surfaces that were rendered hydrophobic by surfactant layers

Author(s): Jacob Klein
Published in: Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, Issue 270, 2019, Page(s) 261-262, ISSN 0001-8686
DOI: 10.1016/j.cis.2019.06.009

Poly-phosphocholinated Liposomes Form Stable Superlubrication Vectors

Author(s): Weifeng Lin, Nir Kampf, Ronit Goldberg, Michael J. Driver, Jacob Klein
Published in: Langmuir, Issue 35/18, 2019, Page(s) 6048-6054, ISSN 0743-7463
DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b00610

Boundary Lubrication, Hemifusion, and Self-Healing of Binary Saturated and Monounsaturated Phosphatidylcholine Mixtures

Author(s): Yifeng Cao, Nir Kampf, Jacob Klein
Published in: Langmuir, Issue 35/48, 2019, Page(s) 15459-15468, ISSN 0743-7463
DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b01660