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Inside the Mind of Ancient People: the tangible and constructed landscape of the western Delta in the Late Period (664-332BC)


The Delta Survey: recent work in Kafr el Sheikh and Beheira

Auteurs: Israel Hinojosa- Baliño, Elena Tiribilli, Penelope Wilson
Publié dans: Egyptian Archaeology, Issue 55, 2019, Page(s) 10-13, ISSN 0962-2837
Éditeur: Egypt Exploration Society


Auteurs: Elena Tiribilli
Publié dans: Egitto e Vicino Oriente, Issue 41, 2018, Page(s) 121-150, ISSN 0392-6885
Éditeur: Pisa University Press
DOI: 10.12871/97888333918168

Disiecta membra: the naophorus statue of Wahibre, Bologna Museo Archeologico KS 1840 + Cairo Egyptian Museum JE 42880

Auteurs: Elena Tiribilli
Publié dans: Göttinger Miszellen, Issue 257, 2020, Page(s) submitted, ISSN 0344-385X
Éditeur: Seminar für Ägyptologie und Koptologie Georg-August-Universität

Archaeological survey at Kafr el Dawar and Kafr el Sheikh provinces (season 2018)

Auteurs: Elena Tiribilli, Penelope Wilson
Publié dans: Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, 2020, Page(s) in preparation, ISSN 0307-5133
Éditeur: Egypt Exploration Society

The pehu Hp (Sn) of the Western Harpoon nome: physical geography vs. sacred geography*

Auteurs: Elena Tiribilli
Publié dans: Studien zur AltägyptiSchen Kultur, Issue 46, 2017, Page(s) 285-299, ISSN 0340-2215
Éditeur: Helmut Buske Verlag GmbH

The Western Delta of Egypt: historical and religious researches. The Western Harpoon Province from the Old Kingdom to the Ptolemaic Period

Auteurs: Elena Tiribilli
Publié dans: 2020, Page(s) in preparation
Éditeur: Archaeopress

Interactions between people and territory: the specific sacerdotal titles of the Western Delta during the Late Period: proceedings of the International workshop held on 10th July 2019 in Durham, Durham University

Auteurs: Elena Tiribilli, Penelope Wilson (eds.)
Publié dans: 2020
Éditeur: Golden House Publication

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