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Reliable OM decision tools and strategies for high LCoE reduction on Offshore wind


Emerging technologies as Offshore Wind Energy, demand new advanced solutions for reducing Operation & Maintenance (O&M) costs, as well as for performing the reliability and extended life-time of wind turbines (WT) and farms (WF).
In this sense, ROMEO is a 5 years project whose main objective is to develop and demonstrate an O&M information management and analytics platform capable of improving the decision making processes of offshore WF operators allowing the transition from calendar base maintenance to condition-based maintenance strategies reducing significantly O&M costs. Thus, a flexible and interoperable IoT platform will provide an advanced analytics ecosystem to better understand the real time behaviour of the main components of the WTs under operation conditions; maximizing their life-time and reducing the need for maintenance, thus minimizing the OPEX which drastically impact on LCoE of offshore Wind Energy.
The project has been structured in three phases:
1st phase “specifications” will pave the way for other phases, defining the specifications and requirements in order to develop a health monitoring strategy for the most relevant and critical components to be further considered.
-nd phase “models/tools/database” will be devoted to the development of health monitoring systems, diagnosis and prognosis tools for failure detection both at WTG components and support structures level, feeding the development of a data acquisition and advanced analytics ecosystem.
3rd phase “O&M/rollout” will develop and deploy an O&M platform to be validated in three pilot scenarios, data that will serve as input for impact assessment with a special focus on LCoE and replicability.
ROMEO consortium is formed by a well-balanced set of experts (12 entities from 7 countries) representing the whole offshore value chain (from WT components manufacturers and service providers through to WF operators) together with IT market leaders, thus ensuring that results will reach the market.

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