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BiOPEN Project Leaflet with summary information and noteworthy outputs for wide distribution

A Leaflet with summary information and noteworthy outputs of BIOPEN project for wide distribution will be elaborated at M5. The leaflet will be updated, when needed, during the progress of the project.

BiOPEN Project Brochure with general information for wide distribution

It will be the project brochure with general information about BIOPEN. The brochure will be available for download in the BIOPEN public website, and will be printed (when needed) for its distribution in events/workshops.

Reports on the five perspective studies

This report will provide a detailed description of the five perspective studies on major sectors of the bio-economy.

Final Report on the partnerships built under BIOPEN

This report will be an update of the document D5.3

First analysis on Companies Technologies, Competences and Needs

This report will include the results of the analysis performed of the project ideas, technologies, specific competences description, technology and market needs shared by the BiOPEN community.

Reports on the analysis of the societal-market needs

This document will provide the results of the analysis of the societal market needs by analysing feedback received during workshops, events, and the BiOPEN platform publications.

First Report on the partnerships built under BiOPEN

This report will describe the innovative partnership built under the project.

Report on public funding opportunities

This document will describe the most suitable public funding opportunities available to finance innovation projects around the bio-based value chains.

BiOPEN Open-innovation Platform fist version

It will consists in the front-end of the Open Innovation platform (home page and all the public information) that will act as the official project website and will be on line at the end of the second month.

BiOPEN Open-innovation Platform - Final release

It will be the overall open innovation and knowledge management platform, accessible by registered members, with all the functionalities available.