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Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal


T1-3 Operations Report

Report on operation of turbines prior to T4 deployment, based on analysis of data collected in T6.2 and T6.5.

T4 Lessons Learned Report

Report detailing lessons learned in the design and build of T4 of the array. Relates to T5.9.

Year 1 environmental monitoring public report

Report summarising the outcomes from environmental monitoring in year 1 of the project. Relates to T8.2.

Conference presentations and papers: summary report

Summary report on presentations and technical papers arising from the EnFAIT project. This deliverable relates to T2.6.

Reliability Availability Maintainability (RAM) models for turbines and infrastructure

Report setting out the Reliability Availability Maintainability (RAM) models to be used for turbines and infrastructure. Relates to T9.3.

DTOcean: Comparative with design

Contains information from T10.4. Information about lessons learned from the application of DTOcean tools to the design of a real-world array will be produced in this deliverable.

Public summary of consenting requirements and process

Report summarising the consent requirements and processes for the project, from a developer’s perspective. Relates to T8.1.

AIM: T1-4 operational report

Contains information from T10.9. Report on the results and emerging findings for the AIM study from the first four turbines in the array.

Definition Document of Agreed KPIs

Report setting out the KPIs for array build, test and construction. Relates to T5.1.

T1-3 Upgrade report

Report summarising EnFAIT-driven upgrades required to turbines T1-3. Relates to T6.3.

Initial Decommissioning Plan

Initial decommissioning plan developed following consultation with stakeholders and review of best practice. Relates to T7.2 and T7.3.

AIM: design report

Contains information from T10.7 and T10.8. Report on the design of the instrumentation, and results from initial array modelling work.

Local community engagement strategy

Strategy for engaging the local community in this and future tidal energy projects. Relates to T8.6.

Certification & Warranty Framework

Framework for the certification of tidal arrays, including roadmaps to type and site certification. Relates to T3.8.

Decommissioning Lessons Learned Report

Report capturing best practice for decommissioning tidal turbines, to inform the decommissioning plan. Relates to T7.1.

Business Plan Template

Business plan template for potential project developers entering the ocean energy market. Relates to T3.3.

Maintenance Strategy Review (MSR) specification

Report describing the MSR specification & design of the maintenance and condition monitoring programme. Relates to T9.4.

Year 3 environmental monitoring public report

Report summarising the outcomes from environmental monitoring in years 2-3 of the project. Relates to T8.2.

Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis for tidal array Report

Report setting out the Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis for tidal array. Relates to T9.2.

Verification Framework

Framework for the verification of designs and outputs relevant to a tidal energy project. Relates to T3.5.

Data requirements definition and collection plan

Contains output from T10.1. Shows summary information about the modelling tools to be used in the work package and their inputs. Show summary information about the currently existing data sets for the site and array. Outlines a plan for closing the gap between these two lists.

Array Commercialisation Strategy

Report setting out the benefits of tidal energy and providing advice on how to build the market. Relates to T3.4.

Test plan

Test plan for the project, including agreed key performance indicators and reporting frequency. Relates to T6.1.

Training materials

Launch of materials for use in training workshops. This deliverable relates to T2.9.

Multi-media products launch

Launch of initial multi-media products for the EnFAIT project. This deliverable relates to task T2.5.

Initial Project and European ESEAs

Report setting out the initial results of environmental and socio-economic appraisal, at a project and European level, including a summary of lessons learned for the wider marine energy industry. Relates to T8.4.

Plan for delivery of the Project and European ESEAs

Report setting out the plan for environmental and socio-economic appraisal in the EnFAIT project. Relates to T8.3.

External project website

Launch the external website for the EnFAIT project. This deliverable relates to T2.4.

External project website: mid-term update report

Update report on the project website, including a refresh of materials and analysis of activity. This deliverable relates to T2.4.

DTOcean: Scenario definition & Performance metrics

Contains information from T10.3. Shows information about first stage performance metrics for future comparisons, as well as all scenario information: array layout, electrical system, moorings and foundation, logistics, system control and operation tools.

LCOE & Financial Models

Model for the lifetime cost of energy for tidal arrays, supported by a detailed tidal array project financial model. Relates to T3.7.

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Review of tidal turbine wake modelling methods

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Tidal resource, turbine wake and performance modelling on the EnFAIT project

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Capability Assessment of DTOcean Array Design Tool for Ocean Energy

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