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Road Diplomacy: International Infrastructure and Ethnography of Geopolitics in 21st Century Asia


The objective of this project is to understand where, why, and to what extent roads are being built between China and South Asia and to untangle the inter-related geopolitical and social impacts of infrastructure development at village, national, and international scales. The project will first map road developments throughout the trans-Himalaya and second investigate the geopolitical drivers and social impacts of road construction. By combining innovative methods from geography, anthropology, and international relations, I will produce new empirical data on infrastructure development in 21st century Asia and illustrate the links between macro geopolitical processes and micro local experiences. Datasets will improve interdisciplinary communications for social scientists and between development practitioners, donor agencies, policymakers, and local stakeholders. The research is of relevance to EU citizens because understanding contemporary dynamics between rising powers like China and India provides context on 21st century global politics and will inform decision-making for EU investment and development interventions in Asia.

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