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Multimedia Platform for Use in Distance Learning


MULTED's main objective is the definition, integration and test of new specific platforms aimed at the education environment with specific attention to classroom delivery and distance learning.

In order to achieve these objectives, the project will design and integrate hardware and software platforms aimed at the specific needs of the users, and then test them through the implementation and test of specific applications.

This will provide the following advantages:

- to the education system: new applications of general interest useful for the diffusion of European culture
- to the multimedia market: new applications capable of using the new multimedia technologies
- to the communications market: the possibility of testing the use of new communications media for the diffusion of multimedia applications.

To achieve these objectives, the project will evolve in the following way:

- Definition of a complete standard environment both for authoring and delivery of multimedia applications. For delivery is concerned, two different environments will be analysed:
. An environment able to manage integrated broadcast inputs and other communications media such as VideoTel, etc.
. An environment that defines a multimedia classroom configuration based on an integrated LAN.

The authoring and delivery environments will be updated in a second phase (at the beginning of the second year of the action) in order to introduce the possibility of managing digital video.

- Implementation of some courses of general interest aimed at education both in universities and secondary schools.
- Test of the implemented courses in order to verify both the educational improvement with the use of multimedia technologies and the communications issues.
- Collection of results from the pilot test in order to define from the overall experience some general guidelines for the use of multimedia technologies within the school environment. In particular, this will focus on the new technologies and on those characteristics which appear most important for education.

A second objective addresses the definition of platforms able to manage digital video. Given that a number of microelectronics companies are already designing MPEG chips (two of them were partners in COMIS, 2102), the critical missing item in this scenario is an integrated circuit for a PC board with the following functions:
- interfacing the unit with a 2 Mbit/s network (this bitrate is the typical one needed by MPEG-I applications)
- SCSI interfacing
- interfacing the board with the PC bus
- demultiplexing the audio/video/data from an MPEG bitstream
- delivering audio/video/control data to the external devices.

A VLSI chip able to carry out these functions and suitably designed for use in a multiplicity of environments will have a wide range of applications


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