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New Mobility in Friuli Venezia Giulia


Survey of mobility needs

The survey will investigate the mobility needs of the PA off the Friuli Venezia Giulia region focusing on data on existing vehicles, usage habits, infrastructure and spaces available for charging stations and renewable energy productionwithin the regional PA panel. The results of the survey will be published in Italian in its full form and a synthetic report will be produced in English.

Communication plan

The communication plan will act as an overall framework for target-oriented communication. It will define all the actions to be taken, their timing, the target groups to be reached, and the means to reach them. All activities will be planned according to the different audiences: there will be a local, national, and international campaign to communicate on the benefits of electric cars and to promote their use as fleet vehicles for public administration. A monitoring system for communication and dissemination activities will be included.

Visual identity

To achieve visibility of the project and EU contribution towards the different target groups, including population at large, a visual identity will be defined. Logos, templates, placeholders, badges, letters. etc will be deisgned.

1 promo tutorial (5 min or less)

An “institutional” video will be edited professionally and distributed widely to increase project awareness but mostly to promote knowledge on electric vehicles and their environmental impact. The main aim of this video will be to stress out the overwhelming advantages of electric vehicles vs. “traditional” cars in order to encourage public administration to adopt a greener approach by switching to electric cars for company fleets, as well as reducing the number of vehicles by promoting car sharing and carpooling.

1 promo tutotial (2 min. or less)

A video shorter than D6.4 will be produced as promotional material to increase the interest in the use of electric vehicles and influence the public’s attitude towards alternative transportation. The benefits of electric cars but also that of carpooling and car sharing will be the main conveyed messages.

Communication tools

A set of customised materials, tools, and templates (ppts, reports, documents, conference agenda, placeholders, badges, letters, adv. templates, rollups, leaflets and/or booklets) will be developed to convey an effective project image and brand. Car stickers bearing the project logo will be applied on all company vehicles to strengthen Noemix’s visual identity.

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