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Craft Malting Process Innovation for a Competitive and Collaborative Rural Economy


In 2012, the beer industry generated €53Bn in revenue for Europe and is responsible for over 2M jobs throughout the supply chain. Almost all new entrants to Europe’s market are microbreweries producing speciality beers, and globally craft brewing is growing at 79% a year.
Yet, whilst brewing is diversifying, the production of malt from barley remains an industrial, centralised process. As a result, craft brewers cannot access the local, speciality malts they need; and arable farmers get the lowest value for their crops and have to transport their grains vast distances to industrial maltings.
To overcome economic difficulty, Europe’s farmers need innovative solutions to help them diversify, collaborate and grow.
Custom Laboratory Products has identified a significant market potential for a craft malt system that is cost effective for on-farm use. CAPTIVATE harnesses our 30 years’ experience to recreate – at small scale - the reliable, quality production of industrial maltings with high control suitable for non-specialists to operate effectively.
Its scale is ideal for on-farm use empowering farmers to add significant value to their crop, counter the effects of increasing concentration at the processing and retailing stages of the chain, and meet demand for locally produced, high quality malt. CAPTIVATE gives arable farmers an opportunity to access the growing, global craft malt market directly. It will enable them to grow across traditional boundaries, empowering them to sell high value malt, rather than low value barley, directly to end users in the brewing, distilling and food sectors. Our project thus positions farmers as an integral part of a growing, global industry.
This innovation project will refine, scale up and commercialise a larger (2.5 tonne), modular and more cost effective version of our existing CAPTIVATE system to meet market demand. In so doing, we will create 162 jobs, and secure €48.4 million annual revenue and €18.8 million annual profit in 2021.

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