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Materials Modelling Marketplace for Increased Industrial Innovation

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - MarketPlace (Materials Modelling Marketplace for Increased Industrial Innovation)

Reporting period: 2019-07-01 to 2020-12-31

The MarketPlace consortium utilises state of the art information technologies to build an open web-based integrated Materials Modelling and Collaboration platform that acts as one-stop-shop and open Marketplace for providing all determining components that need to be interwoven for successful and accelerated deployment of materials modelling in industry. This includes linking various activities and databases on models, information on simulation tools, communities, expertise exchange, course and training materials, lectures, seminars and tutorials. The proposed MarketPlace will be a central-hub for all materials modelling related activities in Europe and provide tangible tools to connect disparate modelling, translators, and manufacturing communities to provide a vibrant collaboration web-based tool for the advancement of materials modelling in European manufacturing industry. The developed platform will include mechanisms for the integration of interoperable set of advanced materials model workflows for coupling and linking of various discrete (electronic, atomistic, mesoscopic) and continuum models. This will be achieved by developing open and standard post and pre-processing methods that allow complex flow of information from one model to another for both strongly and loosely coupled systems. The Marketplace platform will include access to concerted set of federated databases of materials models, materials data and provide for access to experimental characterisation and stimulate the development of interface wrappers and open simulation platforms. The MarketPlace consortium aims to strengthen the competitiveness and lower the innovation barrier for European industry for product development and process design and optimization using materials modelling.
The following work was carried out in the second reporting period (M19 to M36):
1. Improvement of the platform design including platform architecture and the interoperability tools, the design of the knowledge service, as well as the ontology development,
2. Enable distributed access to database services integrated in MarketPlace platform
3. Design and develop a validation and benchmark system for MarketPlace users
4. Implement knowledge service components and provide linking between software solutions, models, data, and knowledge services
5. Develop an online translation mechanism to serve SMEs find solutions to their problems
6. Development of the platform and integration of the services and applications
7. Creating the workflows for the use cases and develop them further for the MarketPlace integration
8. Disseminate the result to a broader community and collect MarketPlace tutorials and educational materials
9. Initiate the process for identifying/defining a legal body for MarketPlace operations

The main achievements of the second reporting period (M19 to M36) can be summarised as follows:
1. The main platform design has been finalized, but improvements based on our agile development concept are envisaged
2. Ontologies were mainly developed for structuring, managing, and representing all knowledge of all services on the MarketPlace, but must be further improved during the project in an agile manner
3. Interoperability and interoperability tools were defined and further developed
4. Integration of databases into the MarketPlace has been realized
5. Validation and benchmarking services has been developed for moderated and automatic scenarios
6. Knowledge and translation services are designed and partially implemented like the SME/SWO Blog for Networking and problem exchange via discourse and the ontology based information services on models and software solutions via KnowledgeAPP (former named as EntityApp)
7. The Marketplace platform has been further developed including a new front-end framework based on Angular and the contributions from the different tasks were integrated like the support for automatic feature discovery of registered applications and the integrations were tested like AiiDA Lab, SimPhoNy Remote, and Discourse
8. Some of the use cases realizes initial workflows in the intrinsic simulation platform SimPhonNy remote and a first simulation application has been registered successfully on the MarketPlace
1. A collaboration platform built on top of ontology is realised. All information managed on the platform is represented by ontology based classes.
2. Dynamic links between information entities are generated on the fly using the semantic services on the backend and knowledge app on the front end.
3. A unique database of repositories is designed which would surpass exisitng state of the art solutions as it enables caching of data.
4. A first translation guide and process is layed out.
5. New improved OSP is designed and prototyped and demonstrated.
The vision of the MarketPlace as being implemented in the project
MarketPlace Logo