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Materials Modelling Marketplace for Increased Industrial Innovation

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MarketPlace (Materials Modelling Marketplace for Increased Industrial Innovation)

Reporting period: 2018-01-01 to 2019-06-30

The MarketPlace consortium utilises state of the art information technologies to build an open web-based integrated Materials Modelling and Collaboration platform that acts as one-stop-shop and open Marketplace for providing all determining components that need to be interwoven for successful and accelerated deployment of materials modelling in industry. This includs linking various activities and databases on models, information on simulation tools, communities, expertise exchange, course and training materials, lectures, seminars and tutorials. The proposed MarketPlace will be a central-hub for all materials modelling related activities in Europe and provide tangible tools to connect disparate modelling, translators, and manufacturing communities to provide a vibrant collaboration web-based tool for the advancement of materials modelling in European manufacturing industry. The developed platform will include mechanisms for the integration of interoperable set of advanced materials model workflows for coupling and linking of various discrete (electronic, atomistic, mesoscopic) and continuum models. This will be achieved by developing open and standard post and pre-processing methods that allow complex flow of information from one model to another for both strongly and loosely coupled systems. The Marketplace platform will include access to concerted set of federated databases of materials models, materials data and provide for access to experimental characterisation and stimulate the development of interface wrappers and open simulation platforms. The MarketPlace consortium aims to strengthen the competitiveness and lower the innovation barrier for European industry for product development and process design and optimization using materials modelling.
The main work carried out during the reporting period focuses on
1. Building User Stories and Story Board for the main functionalities of the Marketplace
2. Extracting of requirements for all tangible (Open Simulation Platform (OSP), materials modelling services, data repositories, translation, education, and all knowledge services) and intangible components (the bare bones platform itself)
3. Ontology development
4. Developing the architecture of the platform
5. Implementation of various components
All due deliverables are submitted to the Participant Portal. Moreover, all internal deliverables are ready on the project shared folder and shared with the Project office (PO) and Project Monitor (PM). These internal deliverables are intended to be drafts to be updated internally and help align and disseminate progress internally, they are thus confidential to the consortium and the EC and PM (this is so even if the final reports are PU, as they indicate work in progress that is not yet cleared for public dissemination).

Main achievements in the period
The main achievements in this period, in particular from M9 onward can be summarised as following (details are in the following sections as well as in the individual reports):
1. User stories and requirements finalised
2. User rights and management, including terms of use etc are developed and updated
3. The core architecture of the platform is completed. It provides a strong foundation for developing and integrating services.
4. A live instance of the web platform for internal review and development is made available for all partners (as of this writing available at:
5. User management (registration) and Single Sign On is implemented
6. Knowledge services app prototype is available based from the ground up on ontology foundations.
7. Ontology tools and repository instantiated and operational
8. Marketplace Ontology development (strong contribution to European Virtual Marketplace Ontology, EVMPO) and other ontology branches are actively developed as extensions to EMMO
9. Open Simulation Platform (OSP) functionality: A prototype of an OSP core service is in place and active on the repository additional RESTful API prototypes are in place.
10. Initial prototypes of OSP wrappers for modelling services ready
11. Progress in the distributed database front, implementation work has started
12. Knowledge and translation services as well as other core functionalities are determined
13. Data management plan and communication channels ready
14. Offline translation process with new MODA is available as precursors for the actual translation apps that are to be implemented.
15. Online translation service app is designed, together with the offline translation, provide string basis for the implementation of the apps.
16. Press release is ready and will be published by Fraunhofer.
17. Letter of intent version is provided by the legal offices of the Fraunhofer. To be distributed for all partners.
1. A collaboration platform built on top of ontology is realised. All information managed on teh platform is represented by ontology based classes.
2. Dynamic links between information entities are generated on teh fly using the semantic services on teh backebd and entity app on the front end.
3. a unique database of repositories is designed which would surpass exisitng state of the art solutions as it enables caching of data.
4. a fisrt translation guide and process is layed out
5. new improved OSP is desined and prototyped and demonstrated
The vision of the MarketPlace as being implemented in the project