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Solar PV on the Distribution Grid: Smart Integrated Solutions of Distributed Generation based on Solar PV, Energy Storage Devices and Active Demand Management


iDistributedPV project brochures for schools and universities

iDistributedPV project brochures for schools and universities (month 12)

Articles (four) in prestigious publications to present iDistributedPV results

Articles (four) in prestigious publications to present iDistributedPV results (from month 15 to 30)

Business and management models for the effective integration of distributed generation based on solar PV

Proposing management models focused on smart integration of distributed solar PV based on market criteria and elaborating business cases according to the most promising solutions.

The most promising distributed solar PV solutions

Effective integration approaches of solar PV equipment, inverters, storage devices, active demand management approaches, monitoring strategy and procedures, grid operation procedures and criteria, and regulatory models.

Public website: site for general audience

Public website: site for general audience (month 12)

Regulatory recommendations (economics, grid codes, procedures)

Producing regulatory recommendations for the massive integration of solar PV distributed generation (and the development of the prosumer concept) focused on the operation and control procedures and the grid codes, the integration approach of the distributed generation with the system operation, the participation of this solution in ancillary services, the role of the different players in the operational model, the economic flows and the revenue models.

iDistributedPV Newsletter

iDistributedPV Newsletter months 10, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23

Gap analysis between the most promising solutions and the current situation

Identifying the existing gaps between the most promising solutions for developing the concept of prosumer and the current situation regarding: the technology, the business approaches and the regulatory frameworks.

Report on communication and dissemination activities

Report on communication and dissemination activities

Assessment methodology based on Evaluation Procedures and Indicative Key Performance Indicators

Technical and economic evaluation framework to assess the effectiveness of distributed solar PV. An accurate methodology will be designed to carry out the case studies that will be developed in Work Package 3

Technical recommendations for R&D providers and manufacturers about solutions, equipment and components

Producing recommendations about the technical characteristics of equipment and components regarding their performance levels, the time to response, the electricity storage processes and the load/unload procedures, the usage of sensors and telecommunication equipment, the integration approaches of equipment and components, the monitoring, controlling and management processes, etc.

Barriers for the secure and reliable connection of distributed solar PV

A set of technical, economic and regulatory barriers that difficulty the effective integration of solar PV in distribution grids based on iDistributedPV partners experiences, the existing literature and other relevant EU projects and experiences.

iDistributedPV Events

iDistributedPV Events (months 27, 28, 29)

iDistributedPV Roundtables

iDistributedPV Roundtables (months 16, 19, 20, 22)

iDistributedPV website

iDistributedPV website (month 6)

Case studies evaluation: technical, economic and regulatory assessment, and prosumers´ acceptance analysis

Carrying out the simulation processes to assess the case studies in different five different EU electricity systems according to different regulatory framework hypothesis and different size of distributed solar PV units (and different sectors: industrial, services and residential). Testing according real grid conditions the concepts of virtual power plant and prosumers.